MatchaBar launches Rebrand and Expands Line of Plant-Based Matcha Energy with New Flavors and a Carbon Offset Initiative

November 22, 2018


Hustle partners with CHOOOSE to create what is probably the world’s first climate positive energy drink.

With the launch of the first-ever plant-based energy drink behind them, the creators of MatchaBar just announced a rebrand and expansion of the Hustle-family: their line of canned and bottled matcha products. Specifically, they have added new Mint & Peach flavor options to their flagship Lemon & Lime. All flavors of Hustle’s energy line are either 0g sugar or no sugar added! Sounds delicious right!? Well, not only are they promoting plant-based living to the world, but they will also be including a carbon offset initiative in every can & bottle they sell.

MatchaBar has partnered with CHOOOSE to offset the carbon footprint of each Hustle product sold. MatchaBar is subsidizing renewable energy projects so Hustle consumers can directly invest in a climate-positive lifestyle. For each Hustle product sold, consumers are offsetting the carbon equivalent of 35 plastic water bottles by supporting a CO2-reducing project in Virginia, that voluntarily captures and destroys methane which otherwise would have been emitted directly to the atmosphere. MatchaBar is committed to reducing its climate impact and strongly believes your carbon footprint should be a consideration and cost of doing business.

Matcha Bar launches Hustle-family rebrand and partners with CHOOOSE

The rebrand and expansion of the Hustle-family have been accompanied by a celebrity-backed campaign with Artist of the Year Billie Eilish and Grammy-winning DJ, songwriter and producer Diplo at the forefront. While maintaining a certain level of energy is critical for artists such as Diplo and Billie Eilish, MatchaBar understands the need to encourage climate-positive lifestyles as well.

”I am always supporting a plant-based lifestyle and MatchaBar’s commitment to offset the carbon footprint of every can is important to me,” Eilish says. “My upcoming tour focuses on this, too. Every little decision helps our planet!”

We could not agree more! Every choice we make has an impact and MatchaBar is making it more accessible for consumers to make a good choice.

“Partnering with CHOOOSE is an important move and our first foray into social impact. We’re thrilled to have grown the partnership into finding a way to offset every can and bottle sold across the country. We need to begin thinking about our impact on the environment and the cost of doing business. We hope to inspire larger corporations to take action and find meaningful ways to protect our planet!” says Graham Fortgang, CEO of MatchaBar.

“This partnership is awesome news for CHOOOSE, and it shows how visionary, forward-thinking brands can easily plug their products into a carbon-reducing solution to support their vision of doing something positive for the people and the planet”, says Andreas Slettvoll, CEO of CHOOOSE.

And lastly, a big thanks to Forbes for the shout out! Check it out here.

ABOUT MatchaBar

MatchaBar started in Brooklyn, New York in 2014 as the country's first matcha cafe and has since become the fastest-growing brand in the natural energy category. With eyes on giving traditional energy drinks a run for their money, co-founders and brothers Max and Graham Fortgang launched ready-to-drink, bottled versions of MatchaBar's popular cafe beverages in 2016. As the matcha market took off, they set their sights on the rapidly growing natural energy category and launched Hustle, a plant-based matcha energy drink, in 2018. With the expansion of Hustle in 2020—and celebrity partners like Billie Eilish, Drake and Diplo—MatchaBar is building a community-powered by positivity to give you the energy to be yourself. Always plant-based, low-sugar and no crash, no jitters. For more information on MatchaBar or to get Hustle delivered to your door, please visit

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