Corendon, SKYNRG, and CHOOOSE launch SAF solution for holiday travelers to fly more sustainably

March 1, 2023


Travel company Corendon partners up with SkyNRG and CHOOOSE, enabling Corendon’s holiday travelers to reduce their carbon emissions from flying. By adding Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to their booking, travelers can enjoy their holidays more sustainably.

Making the holiday flight more sustainable is simple. During the booking, travelers can simply check a box to reduce part of their carbon emissions with SAF (on average 3%). Or, they can enter their travel details via the online Fly on SAF tool at another moment. The tool automatically calculates the carbon emissions of the flight and offers travelers the choice whether their carbon emissions should be partially or completely reduced by using SAF.

CHOOOSE’s enterprise-grade APIs are used to power the carbon calculations and SAF option in Corendon’s digital booking process and on their website. The only input needed from the traveler is the flight itinerary. With SkyNRG’s Fly on SAF solution, Corendon is able to track, report and analyze the total impact across all integrated channels.

SkyNRG uses a system for supplying SAF called Book & Claim. With this system, SAF is not used on the aircraft the travelers fly with, but rather tanked into the fuel system of an airport close to the SAF production facility. The SAF is tracked and the corresponding carbon emission reductions are allocated to Corendon’s holiday travelers. The benefits of this system are that it reduces unnecessary carbon emissions and costs from fuel transport. By partnering with SkyNRG and CHOOOSE, Corendon enables its holiday travelers to contribute to reducing their carbon emissions and enjoying their holidays more sustainably, when and wherever they fly.

"Even with small steps, each step is one towards a less polluting future for aviation. I am proud that we can offer this via the SkyNRG and CHOOOSE platform."

Steven van der Heijden, CEO of Corendon: “Making aviation more sustainable is difficult, but every step counts. To reduce air travel emissions a little bit, we as a company have invested in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and from today our customers can do the same. We reduce our emissions by adding SAF and our customers now also have the choice whether they want to reduce part of their CO2 emissions. Even with small steps, each step is one towards a less polluting future for aviation. I am proud that we can offer this via the SkyNRG and CHOOOSE platform.”

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About Corendon Corendon is a leading tour operator, airline and hotel chain in the Dutch, Belgian and Danish travel market. In 2022, Corendon serviced more than 750,000 holiday travelers in- and outside Europe. Corendon’s aviation branch includes Corendon Dutch Airlines, Corendon Airlines Europe and Corendon International Airlines with a fleet of 24 aircraft. Learn more at

About CHOOOSE: CHOOOSE provides the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform empowering businesses to integrate climate action into customer experiences. Enterprise partners in sectors including aviation, travel and logistics deploy CHOOOSE to build, manage and report on customer-centric climate programs that embed climate action wherever they interact with their customers. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CHOOOSE has enterprise partners and employees around the world. Learn more at

About SkyNRG: Since 2009, SkyNRG has been a global leader in Sustainable Aviation Fuels. The company is dedicated to increase SAF demand and production capacity for the industry to meet its 2050 net zero commitment. SkyNRG has supplied SAF to over 40+ airlines and 70+ corporates across the world and is now developing dedicated SAF production facilities to support the transition from fossil jet fuel to sustainable aviation fuel. SkyNRG does not compromise when it comes to sustainability; we are a globally recognized Certified B Corp™, our operations are certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), and we are advised by an independent Sustainability Board, as well as a worldwide NGO network to ensure we make the right sustainability decisions across all of our operations. Learn more at