You make moves, we plant trees

May 1, 2022


From June 14, we’re donating trees in exchange for your exercise once again with #ViMoveForClimate in partnership with Viessmann. Join us, form a team and take part in the challenge for climate preservation. Our goal: Win over as many participants as possible for ViMove, and plant another 200,000 trees.

Viessmann stands for sustainable and environmentally-friendly climate solutions. With the #ViMoveForClimate project, they are making an additional contribution with your help. Thanks to the moves made by more than 6,000 participants and more than 300 teams from 50 countries, Viessmann and CHOOOSE have already planted more than 630,000 trees since last summer.

It’s an impressive achievement that encourages us – and hopefully you – to keep it up. Join us in the fifth round and do your part for our climate from June 14!

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Why planting trees is so important

Trees are our partner in climate protection. In the course of a tree’s life, it absorbs large quantities of CO2 and converts it into oxygen. Each tree clears the air of pollutants and cleans the water with its root system, which works like a filter.

Planting trees not only helps to reduce CO2 – it also provides social value. Planting trees creates an alternate source of income for many farmers who are affected by climate change or the impact of deforestation, which destroys crops through erosion and flooding. For these farmers, planting trees and caring for them over the years is new and valuable work, whether in Kenya, Peru or Cambodia.

Join #vimoveforclimate now!

Find success together, celebrate together

As individuals, we can all do something about climate change, but we can do more together. Invite friends, colleagues, neighbors, or family members to form teams for this round of #ViMoveForClimate. Just sign up at In the “Teams” menu, click on “Create a team” and then on “Invite members”. Then, either enter the email addresses of your teammates or send the link to your friends. Another incentive: When we reach our goal of 200,000 trees, Viessmann will raffle off exciting goodie bags amongst all participating teams. The bags include tickets to the Greentech Festival 2022, which celebrates sustainable technology and green lifestyles, and ViMove shirts for all participants. Take note: Your team must consist of at least 15 members, with each member contributing at least one tree. Challenge accepted?

From Crosstraining to Yoga

There are more than 20 sports to choose from, so you can count as many of your favorite forms of exercise as possible. For example, you can play 20 minutes of golf, cycle 3 kilometers or do 12 minutes of yoga for one tree. Every movement counts!

There are more than 20 sports to choose from, so you can count as many of your favorite forms of exercise as possible.

What your exercise does

With #ViMoveForClimate, we have already planted trees in Uganda, Kenya, China, Russia and Peru, among others. Viessmann works with CHOOOSE, and we help select the projects and makes sure that each project is integrated into the local community so that they benefit local people. Preserving biodiversity is high amongst our priorities, and we have already planted more than 50 different species of trees.

Forests for the world: More than 630,000 trees have been planted through #ViMoveForClimate.

Let’s go: Make moves and talk about it

With #ViMoveForClimate, everyone can get involved. Tell your family and friends about the campaign and the moves you’re making in person or on social channels. Share the joy of the kilometers covered and every tree that #ViMoveForClimate brings to the world.

Run, forest run - and join ViMove for climate!