Withlocals partners with CHOOOSE to offer climate compensated travel experiences

November 25, 2020


Experiential travel company Withlocals joins forces with CHOOOSE to offer travellers unique experiences with a low carbon footprint – and pledge net zero emissions by the end of 2021.

Online travel platform Withlocals is known for its unique way to connect people with cultures by breaking down barriers between travellers and locals worldwide. The platform connects travelers with locals through food and experiences and provides a marketplace for local tours, activities, home restaurants, and private guides.

While the world has been closed and international travel has more or less paused during covid, Withlocals recently announced a pledge to become climate neutral in 2021, meaning that all travel experiences offered through the platform will have impactful climate compensation included by the end of next year. The travel platform's first step towards the goal is to launch carbon neutrality on all experiences curated by Lonely Planet.

Withlocals was found on the basis of ending mass tourism and supporting local communities for the sole purpose of minimizing our impact on the environment. A pledge we are committed to attaining. Together with CHOOOSE, we have made it simple for you to travel with a low footprint and make a positive contribution to your journey”, says Matthijs Keij CEO, Withlocals.

Experiential travel company Withlocals partners with CHOOOSE to offer its travellers unique experiences with low carbon footprints.

To power its carbon offsetting program, Withlocals have partnered CHOOOSE to offer unique experiences with low carbon footprints.

”I applaud Withlocals' focus on climate and responsible travelling, as I believe this type of heartfelt and impactful initiatives should and will be the future of travel. I am also delighted that a well-renowned travel company like Withlocals are using CHOOOSE trusted technology to offer seamless climate action to its customers,” says Andreas Slettvoll, CEO at CHOOOSE.

The contributions from the offsets will directly support verified carbon-reducing climate projects in Cambodia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras. The projects replace carbon-heavy practices with renewable energy and help to improve health and living conditions in local communities.

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