Ways to reduce the footprint of your day-to-day business

January 5, 2018


Measure. Reduce. Offset.

Those are the three pillars of Climate Neutral Now - the initiative by United Nations Climate Change. It aims to encourage and support climate action to achieve a climate neutral world by mid-century. That means:


... the footprint of your business and identify consumption and emissions patterns both in your core and day-to-day business. Ask yourself:

  • How can transportation be optimized?
  • Are there any packaging solutions that are more efficient?
  • How does your employees travel to and from work?
  • What do they eat for lunch every day, and what happens to the leftover food?

Set aside time to look through your routines.

Ways to reduce the footprint of your day-to-day business


... these as much as possible. That can involve:

  • Offer vegetarian meals
  • Minimize paper use
  • Buy used equipment
  • Sell or donate what you don’t use anymore
  • Develop strict recycle and waste management systems
  • Turn off the power at night
  • +++ depending on context.


... those that can’t be avoided - this is where CHOOOSE can help.

Get in touch to explore opportunities on ways to combat climate change together here.

About us: CHOOOSE™ is a venture-backed leader in technology-based climate action, building digital tools so that everyone, anywhere, can easily integrate climate action into everyday life and business. Through flexible integrations, customer-friendly interfaces, automated carbon measurement, and a connected marketplace of climate solutions, CHOOOSE delivers a complete platform that enables its partners to build and manage high-impact climate programs. Learn more at www.chooose.today.