Thanks to everyone who helped convert exercise into climate action!

February 4, 2021


The fourth phase of the ViMove for Climate campaign in partnership with Viessmann and CHOOOSE just reached the finish line, and the impressive results are surely a win for climate (and participant's physical health!).

Viessmann launched the ViMove campaign for the first time during the first lockdown. Back then, it was simply a Google Sheet in which employees could track their activities. During the summer, they launched a second campaign, and in both campaigns together, the Viessmann family ran more than 150 000 kilometers, leading to 150,000 planted trees.

Building on this success story from the first and second round, Viessmann added another 150,000 trees to the total in the third round in January 2021.

Now, the fourth version of Vi Move for Climate just finished. 10,000 participants in more than 30 countries covered a cumulative 886,403 kilometers and spent 12,624 hours exercising. Due to the incredible level of support from both inside and outside the Viessmann family, we were able to plant another 300,000 trees alongside supporting reforestation projects in Germany, Peru, Haiti, Uganda, and Kenya. So in total, we have planted more than 632,061 thanks to your incredible athletic achievements.

29 sports - one goal

Participants could choose from 29 different sports activities – so there was something for everyone. There was a whole range of sports activities either individually or as a team – whatever suits you. The following overview tells you, for example, how many kilometers you needed to walk or how many minutes you need to pedal away on an indoor bicycle in order for us to reward your endeavors by planting a tree.

The most popular sports were walking, running, cycling, and weight training, but pilates and swimming were up there too. Each kilometer walked, ran, or swam, and every minute spent on the treadmill, the rowing machine, or the training mat was converted into tree planting.

29 sports to chooose from

The more exercise people did, the more trees we plant. Participants could record their activities and share them directly using the ViMove web app. You could see instantly how many trees you have planted to reward you for your endeavors and how much CO₂ you have offset as a result.

The app enables you to keep track of your exercise - and trees planted

Why tree planting?

Viessmann stands for sustainable and environmentally-friendly climate solutions. With the #ViMove for Climate reforestation project, they offer another contribution - trees are our partner in climate conservation, after all. Throughout its life, a tree absorbs large quantities of climate-damaging CO2 and converts it into oxygen. That’s why CO2 absorption is a key step in the fight against climate change, which – if not adequately countered by concrete measures – risks endangering entire ecosystems and living beings’ survival. Carbon dioxide is a gas that most retains the sun's rays and is, therefore, the main culprit for the greenhouse effect, which contributes significantly to global warming.

For this reason, restoring green areas is an action of primary importance for the protection of the Earth and the species that populate it. Reforestation is an effective and virtuous strategy, fundamental for our health and that of the planet: in addition to ensuring an improvement in the landscape and absorbing CO2, it promotes the spread of biodiversity, the balance of ecosystems, and a more sustainable administration of natural resources. As trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global heating.

To make the most of #ViMove for Climate, Viessmann and CHOOOSE worked together to select reforestation projects that align with Viessmann’s purpose. In doing so, CHOOOSE also makes sure that the projects are integrated into local communities and that directly benefits the people. This increases the chance that the projects will continue to affect the people and the climate long-term positively.

ViMove for climate in partnership with Viessmann and CHOOOSE

New ViMove for Climate campaign is coming

Thanks to everyone who helped convert exercise into climate action this time! Another campaign will return this summer, so stay tuned and follow updates by Viessmann and CHOOOSE.