#VIMOVEFORCLIMATE: once again, every kilometer and every minute counts for climate

January 4, 2021


ViMove continues to exceed all expectations: So far, more than 833,447 trees are planted to protect the climate. The campaign is an initiative that approaches both well-being and environmental issues.

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The fifth round of a successful 14-day #vimoveforclimate campaign has reached the finish line, where participants from all over the world have cycled, jogged, or hiked thousands of kilometers to help plant trees.

#ViMove for climate began in 2020, as an initiative by Viessmann. With the fifth phase of #vimove completed, thousands of participants have covered more than 940,000 kilometers and logged more than 18,000 hours of activity. The most popular sports so far are running and cycling, as well as walking and hiking. Viessmann, in partnership with CHOOOSE converts every kilometer run, biked or swam, every minute on the treadmill, weight machine or training mat into tree units.

As a result, we were able to plant 150,000 trees in the first two rounds of #ViMoveForClimate in 2020, with another 150,000 trees added in the third round in January 2021. More than 300,000 trees were added in the fourth round in April. Now, after the fifth campaign this summer, another 200,000 trees will be planted.

Thanks to the moves made by more than 6,700 participants and more than 300 teams from 54 countries, Viessmann is planting more than 833,447 trees in total! And this is only the beginning.

Why planting trees is so important

Trees are our partner in climate protection. In the course of a tree’s life, it absorbs large quantities of CO2 and converts it into oxygen. Each tree clears the air of pollutants and cleans the water with its root system, which works like a filter. Offsetting one metric tonne of CO₂ every year would require between 80 and 100 trees. But young trees don’t offer much in the way of biomass reserves. Only as they grow older do they start to absorb more CO₂. So there’s never been a better time to get started with ViMove. Because the more quickly we can begin to plant trees, the sooner they can start to offset our carbon emissions.

Planting trees not only helps to reduce CO2 – it also provides social value. For example, planting trees creates an alternate source of income for many farmers who are affected by climate change or the impact of deforestation, which destroys crops through erosion and flooding. For these farmers, planting trees and caring for them over the years is new and valuable work, whether in Kenya, Peru or Cambodia.

To make the most of #ViMove for Climate, Viessmann and CHOOOSE worked together to select reforestation projects aligned with Viessmann’s purpose. In doing so, CHOOOSE also makes sure that the projects are integrated into local communities and that directly benefits the people. This increases the chance that the projects will continue to affect the people and the climate long-term positively.

Ready, steady, go: let’s get moving

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A new round of #vimoveforclimate will kick off shortly, where everyone can contribute to making a positive difference.

Tell your colleagues, family and friends what gets you moving. Share how many kilometers you’ve covered or how many minutes you’ve been exercising using the hashtag #ViMoveForClimate on social media. Inspire others to take part – or simply tell everyone what motivates you whether you’ve covered 100 kilometers or just one, every tree that we plant to reward your endeavors counts!

You can choose from 29 different sports activities – so there’s something for everyone. You can take part in a whole range of sports activities either individually or as a team – whatever suits you. The following overview tells you, for example, how many kilometers you need to walk or how many minutes you need to pedal away on an indoor bicycle for Viessmann to reward your endeavors by planting a tree.

It’s an impressive achievement that encourages us – and hopefully you – to keep it up. Join us for our next campaign in autumn! Register in order to practice your favorite sport, alone or as a virtual team and further grow this beautiful campaign of contribution to our environment and our future.

All you need to do is run, forest, run!

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