Sustainable Voices: Eirik Rime

March 7, 2019

Eirik Rime Tise

Welcome to our Sustainable Voices series, where we talk to inspirational climate leaders around the world about their passions and projects.

What was your a-ha moment that made you become engaged in sustainability?

I think I have been into sustainability from an early age. When I was little, I was part of the environmental club for kids, Blekkulfklubben. I listened to my cassette with the songs all the time, and sang along to the songs.

What is your single best tip for someone who wants to do more for the environment on a personal level?

Give yourself and those around you positive feedback when you do something good for the environment, and don't judge yourself or others too hard if you don't. Both because I believe that the "carrot is more efficient than the whip" and because I believe that the dramatic measures - that are needed - must come from the authorities. In order to get the support needed for the authorities to do this, people should associate environmental change with more positive than negative feelings.

What do you think will be the legacy of your generation?

Solving the climate crisis.

What is the most critical technological breakthrough that needs to happen for the world to reach the 1,5 degree goal?

Better and more efficient energy storage, both small and large scale.

What will this breakthrough demand from us as a society?

Money, resources and the smartest people out there.

What is your company’s most impactful contribution to fight climate change?

The clothing industry emits about 10% of global CO2. We try to make people aware that clothes can have a much longer life if you buy or sell them second hand. In addition, we try to give positive feedback about the small, daily things you do that have a positive impact. Both in terms of selling and buying second hand clothes, but also other things.

In your industry, what do you think will be the most groundbreaking change over the next 10 years?

Clothes will be increasingly made from completely sustainable sources, last longer and be less affected by changing trends.

Which brand (in general) do you think is at the forefront when it comes to sustainability?


What makes you climate positive about the future?

All the smart people amongst the young, and their increasing concern for the environment.