Sustainable fashion, how?

January 10, 2018


With help from F5 Concept Store, we've put together a list of criteria for a long lasting wardrobe.

Meet the brand F5. Founded by three Norwegian brothers and located in Oslo, F5 consists of a concept store, agency, and magazine. With 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions coming from the textile industry in 2015, it’s safe to say that there is a need for a shift in the fashion industry. F5 aims to take part in that shift.

We’ve had a chat with Emil Krystad Marthinsen, one of the founders, to have him share his thoughts on what makes a sustainable wardrobe, and why it matters to care about the environment when purchasing clothes.

The lifetime of the item is what matters Natural fiber is a winner

– I prefer natural fibers, it feels better. Considering the growing issue of microplastics, it also seems like natural fiber is the right way to go being that it's decomposable, he says.

What defines quality?

He highlights that in addition to the material, the construction and stitch also defines the quality of the clothes. His experience is that clothes with a high mix of wool tend to last longer if they are treated right, for instance avoiding sweaters made of fragile yarn.Curious about the effects of the textile industry? Check out The True Cost, you'll find it on Netflix.

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