CHOOOSE announces the launch of WeCHOOOSE, the all-in-one climate tool for businesses to address their carbon footprint and take meaningful climate action.

February 7, 2020


Norwegian climate-tech company CHOOOSE announces the launch of WeCHOOOSE, the all-in-one climate tool for businesses to address their carbon footprint and take meaningful climate action.

Since entering the climate space in 2017, world-leading travel and consumer brands like Skyscanner, Wizz Air, Norwegian, Heathrow, Santander, and Outdoor Voices have partnered with CHOOOSE to make impactful climate solutions available for consumers. Now, the Norwegian climate-tech company introduces its new self-service platform to make credible and seamless climate compensation available for companies of all sizes.

“WeCHOOOSE enables any company to instantly address, offset, and track the climate impact of its operations in realtime – and provides seamless access to the most impactful climate projects around the world. It’s an all-in-one climate tool which includes everything companies need to connect its day-to-day operations, from employees and products to flights and shipping, with meaningful climate action,” says CHOOOSE CEO, Andreas Slettvoll.

Introducing sustainability as-a-service

WeCHOOOSE works as a free logged-in experience built to revolutionize how companies can deploy climate action in everyday business. From an intuitive, personal dashboard, you can easily calculate and offset the carbon footprint from corporate events, flights, cars, people, shipping, products, and services.

CHOOOSE presents next-level innovation in carbon offsetting with ease to meaningfully communicate and amplify your corporate carbon commitment.”
-Aurelia Figueroa, Head of Sustainability, Breitling

“WeCHOOOSE is taking climate compensation into the 21’st century by introducing sustainability as-a-service. The only thing you need to know to get started is what your company would like to offset – everything else is taken care of by our carbon professionals,” says Toina Ljostad, Head of Products at CHOOOSE.

View, track, and interact with your company's positive climate impact – as it happens.

“The solution puts impact at the core and provides 100% transparency – ranging from the type of climate projects you support to pricing and reporting. With WeCHOOOSE you get full access and transparency to your company’s offset history, integrated analytics, metadata options, and educating FAQs. Soon, it will also be updated with useful marketing tools,” Ljostad adds.

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Climate impact to match your company values

The heart of WeCHOOOSE is a portfolio of carefully curated climate projects from which users can choose to support – ranging from renewable energy to reforestation projects with documented CO2-reducing effect. All climate projects that are made available through the platform are in compliance with the most comprehensive international standards and operational best practices. The platform also lets you sort and select projects based on which Sustainable Development Goals they contribute towards.

“The variety in our project portfolios means that users can choose to create an impact that matches their corporate values and stakeholder preferences. Allowing users to select impact portfolios based on cause or SDGs that align with their values and strategies is a key element, as many climate-conscious corporations today use the Sustainable Development Goals as a compass when creating their CSR strategies. In this way, WeCHOOOSE is designed to help companies to reach and report on their corporate sustainability goals”, says CHOOOSE CEO, Andreas Slettvoll.

Andreas Slettvoll, Co-Founder and CEO at climate-tech company CHOOOSE.

WeCHOOOSE in six simple steps:

  1. Create your company’s free WeCHOOOSE account (you only pay for your offsets and the positive impact you’re generating).
  2. Select your climate offsetting scheme (what you want to offset: e.g. flights, employees, events, flights, or shipping).
  3. Select your preferred impact portfolio.
  4. Get ready to track, interact, and engage with your climate impact – in real-time. WeCHOOOSE lets you view, measure, and learn about the positive impact your company is creating – as it happens.
  5. Engage your employees, customers, and stakeholders with useful knowledge, equivalents, and marketing tools.
  6. Automate and integrate carbon calculations and offsetting into your business systems using the CHOOOSE API.

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