Summer staycation

August 9, 2018


With Covid keeping us at home, it's time to prep for a proper summer holistay! We’ve gathered some tips on things to do at home to make it a memorable one.

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Rent a tent or a ticket to the moon through sharing services like Hygglo. Bring your best food and go check out your local area and the nature surrounding it. You don’t have to go far to have a great camping experience in the outdoors! It could be the forest nearby or even your backyard. The idea is to sleep out - nothing more, nothing less.

Find a hidden AirBnB pearl

There are thousands of unique spots to rent. What about a tree hut? Spend some hours searching for your perfect get-away in the area.

Harvest your own lunch

Go pick mushrooms, wild raspberries or blueberries in the forest. It doesn't get more organic than that. But be patient! Once you find the hidden spots it’s all worth the while. If you prefer a safe catch, you can also head over to your local farm for strawberries or corn picking.

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When was the last time you finished a book? Grab a few at your local library, find a quiet spot, and catch up on these climate must-reads.

Go gaming

Did you know video games improve communication, adaptability and critical thinking? Try it out and you’ll get hooked. If you're Oslo based, House of Nerds is a great spot for a newbie looking to test your skills.