Scoring for climate action

November 14, 2019


Football player Morten Thorsby teams up with CHOOOSE.

Morten Thorsby (23) has been an environmentalist since his early teens and is known for his sustainable efforts as a professional football player. Thorsby believes that the sport must take on greater responsibility when it comes to climate action, and make use of its unique ability to unify people across borders to address climate change.

As a Sampdoria player and playing for the Norwegian National team, Thorsby is taking measures to reduce his personal CO2-emissions. He does whatever he can to reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle and strives to use the least polluting forms of transportation for his matches and training. But knowing that participating in international world cups cause an environmental footprint, Thorsby has teamed up with CHOOOSE to address the unavoidable emissions he can’t prevent.

"I am trying my best to reduce my emissions as much as possible, but as a professional football player, some of my emissions are unavoidable. This is why I am teaming up with CHOOOSE to offset approximately the double of my actual carbon footprint", Thorsby explains.

Thorsby has calculated the CO2-emissions of all flights for his upcoming matches and will offset 20 tonnes of CO2 with CHOOOSE to support green projects in developing countries, replacing coal and oil with renewable energy. The projects are verified by the United Nations correspond to more than 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals and will help to improve opportunities and health benefits for the local population.

No wonder he was nominated top 30 Sustainable Leaders under 30 years earlier this year by the Norwegian financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

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