Athletes combating climate change while ski jumping

January 19, 2018


On behalf of the ski jump athletes participating at RAW AIR, CHOOOSE will reduce 1 kilo of CO2 per meter during the tournament in Kollen, Norway, on March 8th - 10th.

RAW AIR consists of 10 competitions over 10 days in four cities in Norway. First up is Oslo and Holmenkollen, with CHOOOSE being an official partner. By offsetting1 kilo of CO2 per meter each athlete jumps, the contenders will combat climate change while taking part in the most intense and extreme ski jump tournament ever.

– We believe that the athletes are grateful to be able to combat climate change and represent climate positivity. On Sunday, the contestants will be an important symbol of what is possible if we collaborate towards reaching common sustainable goals. We’re an organizer with sustainable objectives, and our aim is to engage and motivate the sport to follow, says Head of Communication at RAW AIR and Skifest, Emilie Nordskar. For the athletes, RAW AIR is a battle against raw Norwegian nature, their own fear and the gravitational forces of the various slopes. This marks the beginning of a long term collaboration between CHOOOSE and the national ski jumping teams of Norway. – CHOOOSE will reduce 500 tons of CO2 emission by overcompensating the teams' unavoidable travels during this season. We do this by supporting green projects verified by the UN, purchasing carbon credits that each represents 1 ton of CO2, says Andreas Slettvoll, CEO of CHOOOSE.– Ski jumping is cooler on snow, and to us, this is a great way to protect our playgrounds through positive and global measures against climate change. The way that the world cup is set up, it is not possible to be a top level athlete without having to fly, and it’s great that the national team of Norway paves the way and chooose to overcompensate the unavoidable emissions that this brings, Slettvoll says. Sustainable Skifest In addition to reducing CO2 emissions through CHOOOSE, the organizer are making several measures in order to become a sustainable event. The arena has recycling options, offers ecological food, they’ve replaced their program on paper with an app, and all additional food is donated to Fattighuset, a volunteer-based organization helping people in need.

– To us, as a winter sports event organizer, climate change is, of course, an important topic. Each year we always wish for lots of snow. Skifest at Holmenkollen has existed since the early 1800s, the event represents all nations of the world, and we know that the athletes look forward to competing here, Nordskar says.

First female edition

Fresh out in the 2019 edition of the event is the inclusion of the women's category in RAW AIR, which is kicked off with the female qualifications on the International Women’s Day on March 8th. – RAW AIR “Ladies” is really groundbreaking. Female ski jumping has never been more spectacular and visible. We’re really looking forward to becoming a part of the tournament, says head coach of the national ski jumping team of Norway, Christian Meyer.Facts:

  • RAW AIR consists of 10 competitions over 10 days in four cities in Norway, from March 8th – 17th.
  • CHOOOSE combines real climate action with culture, to create a new narrative for climate communication with measurable impact.
  • For each meter the athletes jump, CHOOOSE saves 1 kilo of CO2 from the atmosphere by funding CO2-reducing projects in developing countries. Each jump (approx 100 meters on average) will reduce a 6-meter high balloon of CO2 (same size as the balloon in the sports arena).
  • Spectators can also join! By following CHOOOSE on Instagram, we offset 1 kilo of CO2 on your behalf. Learn more at