Case Studies users are embracing CHOOOSE-powered CO2 emissions offsetting

August 3, 2022

Now that’s CO2 emissions offsetting partnership with CHOOOSE has been in operation for almost two months, wanted to take a moment to assess how the collaboration was progressing and to take an in-depth look at the audiences that are buying emissions offsetting options today.

Alternative Airlines brings high-impact carbon compensation options to travellers globally

July 27, 2022

As part of their commitment to bringing more sustainable options to customers, Alternative Airlines has partnered with CHOOOSE to launch carbon offsetting opportunities on its global flight search and booking site.

All Things Live partners with CHOOOSE to make climate action part of live entertainment

July 12, 2022

All Things Live, the leading independent live entertainment company in the Nordics, is making climate action available for all concert attendees in partnership with Ticketmaster and CHOOOSE.

Understanding and supporting nature-based climate solutions

June 24, 2022

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are one type of carbon project you can choose to support when offsetting your carbon footprint, along with community-based projects and renewable energy projects. Carbon offsetting projects work to reduce, capture, or avoid a proportional amount of CO2 emissions to the amount that you’re offsetting.

How community-based projects are tackling climate change

June 23, 2022

Community-based projects are climate projects that have an extra impact: they address carbon emissions while also supporting local communities through solutions like improved cooking technology, improved access to water, and economic development.

Why renewable energy is the power source of the future

June 21, 2022

More and more, renewables are replacing fossil fuels across all sectors. A lot of work is still required before they can fully replace traditional sources of energy, but renewable and inexhaustible resources are definitely the energy sources of the future.

Measure, manage, reduce carbon with Climate App for SAP Concur

June 15, 2022

The CHOOOSE Climate App is now available on SAP® Concur® App Center in the SAP Concur Endorsed Apps Category. The Climate App helps organisations worldwide measure, reduce, and manage their travel emissions.

Case Studies
Braemar offers customers option to address unavoidable CO2e emissions

June 9, 2022

Braemar partners with CHOOOSE to provide its customers with the ability to offset their vessels and cargoes as well as to track, learn, and report on the resulting climate impact.

Top renewable energy climate solutions and how to support them

June 9, 2022

Not all renewable energies are created equal. Some are more developed and have a smaller environmental impact than others. With the variety of renewable energy technologies on the rise, how do you know which solutions to support?

News launches integrated carbon program

June 8, 2022

A partnership with CHOOOSE™ empowers users around the world to understand and offset their flights’ CO2 emissions. Customers can address their emissions by supporting a portfolio of trusted high-impact climate projects in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Japan Airlines launches new corporate climate program powered by CHOOOSE

June 6, 2022

As part of their next step in fulfilling their sustainability goals, and in response to increasing customer interest in environmental preservation, JAL Group is launching a new corporate climate program in partnership with CHOOOSE.

Case Studies
Case Study: How LATAM makes headway on sustainability goals with CHOOOSE

June 3, 2022

LATAM, the largest airline in Latin America, partnered with CHOOOSE to power climate programs supporting its corporate and cargo customers.

Japan Airlines launches carbon compensation program with CHOOOSE

June 1, 2022

Japan’s flag carrier and largest airline, Japan Airlines (JAL) have partnered with climate-tech company CHOOOSE to launch a voluntary carbon compensation program for all domestic and international travellers.

Case Studies
Clarksons enables carbon mitigation for global maritime industry

May 13, 2022

Clarksons, the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, partners with CHOOOSE to enable carbon mitigation solutions for the global maritime industry.

Clarksons launches carbon mitigation platform for maritime industry

May 12, 2022

Clarksons, the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, partners with climate-tech company CHOOOSE to enable carbon mitigation solutions for the global maritime industry.