Organic Basics says goodbye to carbon

January 4, 2018


Teaming up with CHOOOSE, they will offset 100 kilos of CO2 for every order placed.

“When we say sustainability is our core mission we don’t mean that sustainability is nice to have - we mean that it’s the only way we act” states the Danish brand Organic Basics. Selling essentials such as tees, tops, bottoms, and bras, Organic Basics have a very careful environmental strategy, seeing sustainability as a journey rather than a destination.

Transparent traditions

For starters, they handpick fabrics based on its environmental footprint and lifetime durability. That means natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and/or low-impact textiles only. In addition, they have a full-on transparent factory list online, making consumers able to read up on each and every one of their chosen factories, stretching from Portugal in Western Europe to Turkey in the East. These are carefully selected, consisting of trusted and certified factories that focus on ethical and sustainable production. Curious about the number of employees, weekly working hours, benefits, and so on? It’s all there.

Replacing fossil fuels with clean energy

Organic Basics

Now, Organic Basics will further strengthen their environmental focus by offsetting 100 kilos of CO2 for every order placed. 100 kilos is actually more than what they need to remove, taking into account production and shipping the products to the consumer - but that’s totally fine with them. This means that through CHOOOSE, the purchase will be directed towards CO2 reducing projects in developing countries, replacing fossil fuels power with clean energy. Starting out, it will fund the Koru Wind Farm in Canakkale, Turkey. In addition, you’ll be able to purchase carbon credits in their webshop, such as offsetting the footprint of an individual for three or six months, your family, or an international flight. On their website, they state: “Nasty chemicals. Water waste. Unfair workplaces. The fashion industry is dirty - but it can get better”. That’s why they’ve put together 26 reasons on why they want to change it, an alphabetic and inspirational guide worth checking out.

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