Let your friend become a net-zero-hero this Christmas

November 20, 2018


Are you searching for a meaningful Christmas gift for a climate-conscious friend, colleague or relative? Good news, we got you covered! The CHOOOSE gift card for climate positivity is packed with impact and now available as a special Christmas edition.

Christmas is a time for peace, joy, family, and friends. We know, and we think so too! But no matter how much we love Christmas, we must also acknowledge that it comes with a boost in consumption in most parts of the world. To give our planet a helping hand, CHOOOSE enables you to go all-in for the planet this holiday season.

Because the fact is: CO2-emissions is a really stubborn problem. Even if you radically change your life by stopping polluting activities like flying, driving, shopping and meat-eating, it is really hard to reduce your whole carbon footprint.

This is where we come in. CHOOOSE is a platform for climate action plugged into your everyday life, aiming to enable everyone to help fight climate change by reducing their carbon footprint. And the best part, it comes in a new holiday wrapping: it works perfectly as a low-carbon Christmas gift with high impact.

This is how it works:

The CHOOOSE Christmas card compensates for the unavoidable carbon footprint that an average person is responsible for - by supporting closely selected sustainability projects replacing oil and coal with renewable energy. All projects are verified by the United Nations and the Gold Standard. Each Christmas card also corresponds to at least three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, providing clean energy and opportunities for the people living in developing countries. Additional benefits beyond CO2-reduction include new jobs, schooling, clean drinking water, better sanitary conditions, improved gender equality and more.

In addition, you make your friend climate positive 6 months or one year. A win-win-win.

The perfect climate-friendly Christmas gift

CHOOOSE is one of the simplest, most cost-efficient and impactful things you can do to help fight climate change, and we are now launching our Christmas Gift Cards for 2020 so that you can help a friend, colleague or a family member become a Christmas climate net-zero-hero!

This is not a gift you throw away or a gift card that you lose. This Christmas gift is for yourself, for someone you love (or hate!) and all other living creatures on our planet. This year's Christmas gift will help you to significantly reduce the world's carbon dioxide emissions. It's a proud middle finger to the world's largest polluters. A single climate-positive person can remove tons of carbon dioxide each year. Then imagine what many can do.

CHOOOSE climate for Christmas

The CHOOOSE gift cards for climate positivity are loaded with climate impact and are easy to customize with the recipient's name after purchase.

1/2 year Christmas gift card from CHOOOSE. You can personalize the certificate with recipient's name. This Christmas present is approved by Gold Standard and the United Nations.

Get your Christmas gift cards here.

1 year Christmas gift card from CHOOOSE. This Christmas present is approved by Gold Standard and The United Nations.

Get your Christmas gift cards here.

Pssst... are you a company? What about creating a climate positive workforce through Christmas gift cards to your employees? It's simple - just go to out Christmas climate action page and we'll take care of the rest!

PS. An avoided footprint is always better than a compensated one. The most important thing you can do for our planet this Christmas is to make everyday choices that reduce your environmental footprint.

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