Introducing MyCHOOOSE, your personal portal for climate action

February 15, 2019


A new, upgraded version of MyCHOOOSE is finally here! The new portal enables you to compensate for your carbon footprint while you follow and engage with the positive impact you are creating - all in one place.

During covid and numerous lockdowns, we’ve invested most of our time in building new digital tools to improve our services, and to make climate action more engaging and available for everyone.

The result is MyCHOOOSE, a unique climate portal for individuals where you can compensate your personal carbon footprint, and at the same time view, track and engage with the positive climate impact you are creating.

The upgraded version of MyCHOOOSE introduces several new features to your climate subscription. It includes a personal climate impact dashboard where you can follow the positive impact you are creating, and learn more about what your impact actually means through engaging analogs relevant to everyday life.

Choose climate projects

As an individual subscriber to climate action, you are now able to choose the climate projects you want to support based on the cause you care most about. Get to know and follow your selected climate projects, and learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals you are personally supporting.

Follow and learn more about the projects you are supporting.

Your footprint is already calculated

The new MyCHOOOSE includes relevant lifestyle offsetting options for yourself and your family. In addition, the portal provides easy access to offset the carbon footprint from flights and different types of events. CHOOOSE automatically calculates your monthly carbon footprint based on average emissions per capita in your country of origin. This means that you can skip long calculation processes and get started with climate action immediately.

Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint

If you want to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint, you should also check out the comprehensive CO2-reduction checklist, with tips on how you can improve environmental wins on a personal level beyond carbon offsetting.

Reduce what you can, and compensate for the unavoidable.

Gift shop with impact

Last but not least, an upgrade like this would not be complete without introducing a proper gift shop. So from now on, if you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a friend, family member, co-worker, host, or hostess – MyCHOOOSE got you covered. Simply pick a gift card with the climate impact of your choosing, customize it with the recipient's name, and give the gift of climate action to someone you care about, who also cares for our planet.

Keep all your impact - in one place

Over the upcoming days, weeks, and months, MyCHOOOSE will enroll several new features. One of the first updates you will see in the near future will be a feature that enables you to claim and collect the impact you achieve from interacting with our partners. This means that whether you receive a climate gift card from a friend, or if you choose to offset a purchase like a flight, product, or service from brands that have integrated their services with CHOOOSE, your impact will automatically appear in MyCHOOOSE.

Features coming soon

The option to reduce the carbon footprint of your car or the pawprint of your pets will also be available in a few months from now; so by summer, the whole household can go climate positive.

This is MyCHOOOSE:

MyCHOOOSE enables you to compensate for your carbon footprint while you follow and engage with the positive impact you are creating - all in one place.

Key features:

  • Choose a climate portfolio you want to support based on the case you care most about.
  • Compensate for the carbon footprint of yourself, your family, and friends.
  • Offset your flights, travels, and events.
  • Track your positive impact, and learn more about the climate projects you are personally supporting.
  • Get access to our guide on how to live a low carbon life.
  • And more!

At CHOOOSE we measure our company’s performance through impact.

The price is still roughly the price of a cappuccino per month (depending on the average CO2 footprint in your country). Your footprint is based on averages in your country, so you don't have to track or calculate anything.

Your contribution goes to support some of the world’s most impactful climate solutions, reducing global CO2 emissions and providing better living conditions for local communities by supporting multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our carbon advisors carefully select our climate projects, and the CO2-effect is certified by Gold Standard and the United Nations.