Matoma combines real climate action with culture

January 3, 2018


Matoma and CHOOOSE proudly presents the world's first climate positive music tour.

“I just wanna be a person that leads people in the right direction,” says Matoma, the DJ and artist who is one of the most streamed artists on Spotify worldwide. And while his music is very popular, few people are aware of his philanthropic efforts in climate action, combining real climate impact and culture in a whole new, innovative way. Earlier this year, Matoma decided to help fight climate change by creating the world’s first climate positive music tour while touring with his latest album, One in a Million.

With over 200 unavoidable flights a year required for the tour, Matoma wanted to do something to offset the carbon emitted while traveling to pursue his dreams.In collaboration with CHOOOSE, Matoma calculated the footprint of every flight, crew member and spectator by aiming to reduce as many greenhouse emissions as possible. Additionally, in collaboration with CHOOOSE, Matoma bought carbon credits, but instead of using these, the carbon credits got torn apart and removed from circulation completely, making them unavailable for the big polluters. The United Nations-certified credits fund CO2-regulating projects, producing clean energy worldwide - and the money was donated to windmill parks in India, aiming to support their competitive advantage and accelerate the green shift. Matoma eliminated 800 ton CO2 in collaboration with CHOOOSE, which is more than the carbon footprint of each crewmember and all flights combined, as well as making every one of his concert-goers climate positive for 24 hours. This equals the climate effect of 1900 flights from Oslo to Los Angeles. “CHOOOSE is on a mission to unify climate action, creativity and culture through music. We get to ride that wave music and energy creates, and integrate real, measurable climate action into the event. We are here to give artists and creators a platform to express themselves artistically, and also do good in the process”, says Eric Doak, CEO at CHOOOSE USA. “At his core, Matoma is just a really good person, a hard-working artist. Early on in his career, he drafted a bucket list of things he wanted to achieve as a musician through the next few years. Many of these things were also social good aspects in ways he wanted to use his platform to spread positivity, a good message to create positive change”, says Andrew Jackson, Matoma's manager. Matoma and CHOOOSE will also cut 40,000 kilos of CO2 for the world premiere of his documentary, One In A Million, which will take place on December 12th in Oslo, and which will include Matoma on the pink carpet. The film, directed by fellow Norwegian Tobias Frøystad, follows Matoma over two years while he travels the world on the namesake tour, providing a rich insight into the life and music of Matoma's extraordinary life.

“The beautiful thing about this project is that we get to move away from the overly politically doom and gloom conversation that has surrounded around climate change, and move towards a positive, creative and inspiring solution and ultimately put the climate action brand on the tip,” explains CHOOOSE.

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