Getting started with WeCHOOOSE: The all-in-one toolkit for climate action

November 16, 2021


WeCHOOOSE is an all-in-one climate tool providing your company with everything it needs to connect climate compensation with everyday business. It’s a new and revolutionary self-serve sustainability platform for your company to measure, reduce and compensate its carbon emissions – all in one place.

Four easy steps to get you started:

  1. Sign in to your free weCHOOOSE account
  2. Choose your compensation programme
  3. Select what type of climate impact you want to create from a curated portfolio of impactful climate projects. You can choose projects based on cause and sustainable development goals that match your company DNA.
  4. Now you are ready to track, interact and learn about your impact—right as it happens.

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What is WeCHOOOSE?

WeCHOOOSE enables any company, big or small, to act on climate change by offering sustainability as-a-service. WeCHOOOSE is a self-service platform for climate action that is easy to use, understand and engage with. CHOOOSE makes it simple to neutralize the climate impact of any company activity, transaction or interaction.

Currently, there are two different WeCHOOOSE services depending on your company needs: WeCHOOOSE (self-service) and CHOOOSE connect (for API integration). All versions of WeCHOOOSE allow for carefully selected, measurable and impactful climate action.

WeCHOOOSE makes it simple to neutralize the climate impact of any company activity, transaction or interaction.

Why does WeCHOOOSE exist?

The world must move to a low-carbon world as quickly as possible, and governments, corporations, cities, regions and individuals, must all do their part to tackle climate change. However, even in the best-case scenario, this transition will take some time. In the meantime, everyone will have a carbon footprint, regardless of how hard they try to reduce it. Until we reach a net zero-carbon world we need to do something about the unavoidable, residual carbon footprint. Paying to reduce an equivalent amount of carbon emissions through voluntary carbon offsetting is the most impactful and cost-effective way of doing this.

In 2019, less than 1% of global consumer activity was climate neutralized— and to us, that’s about 99% too little. Why is it so? We believe the answer is friction.

A study by BCG/MIT finds that whereas 90% of executives find sustainability to be important, yet only 60% of companies incorporate sustainability in their strategy, and merely 25% have sustainability incorporated in their business model.

Despite an accelerating consumer willingness to pay for climate-neutral purchases, businesses lack the tools and expertise to deliver solutions. WeCHOOOSE changes all of this. As an all-in-one climate toolkit, it delivers everything a business needs to seamlessly include climate neutralization options into any related field of its operations; employees, events, travel, historic footprint, products, shipping, digital channel, experience or loyalty program - you name it.

Our goal is to make it easy and engaging for any company to include climate action into your daily business operations or customer experience.

How do I get started?

To create a WeCHOOOSE account, all you need is an email address. After registering, you can create your own company account that you can manage as you’d like. Simply share the link with anyone in your company you want to invite and start your climate action initiatives! After registering and signing in to your account, you’ll get access to your personal dashboard to see your account home page. Here you can measure the CO2-footprint of employees, travel, or event, and compensate for your unavoidable CO2-footprint. The portal allows you to choose a climate impact portfolio based on your preferences (based on cause, SDG or location), track your impact in real-time through visual analogues, download sustainability reports, keep track of your billing, order history and much more.

How much does it cost?

Signing up to WeCHOOOSE is free, you only pay for the actual impact your company creates and a small transaction fee (prices and fees are available in your company settings). The portal is fully transparent and guarantees to maximize the flow of funds to the climate projects you choose to support.

Where can I see our prices and fees?

Prices and fees are always available from your company settings.

How can my company use weCHOOOSE?

In so many ways! Here are just some of the ways you can kickstart your sustainability work: WeCHOOOSE is a ‘Sustainability as a Service’ that enables your company to effortlessly calculate and offset its unavoidable carbon emissions in bulk, for events, flights, various types of transportation, as well as the carbon footprint of employees.

Why your company should use weCHOOOSE:

Impact at the core: CHOOOSE sources and manages a global portfolio of trusted climate projects from which partners can plug into their carbon compensation program.

Support: CHOOOSE handles all of the details, from recurring climate compensation, execution, ongoing offset volume forecasting, and project portfolio management.

Track your collective impact: WeCHOOOSE lets you measure, view, understand and engage with your impact – and relate to the climate projects you support.

Integrated Analytics: View your carbon reductions in tonnes of CO2 and learn what your impact actually means. Keep track of the Sustainable Development Goals you are impacting and get actual slide-shows to bolster knowledge about carbon offsetting.

Offset history & Billing Info: WeCHOOOSE makes it easy to filter by date-range, search and sort through previous orders to review or export in excel. You keep total control of expenses and can download invoices as a PDF.

Brand and communication tools: to engage with customers, employees and stakeholders. If you wish to share your positive climate impact, be it internally or externally, this information will always be up to date and available in the portal.


What type of businesses are using weCHOOOSE?

All types of companies and organizations, big and small. CHOOOSE have partners across industries in over 60 countries, from freelancers to big corporate public companies.

What type of climate projects do you offer?

The heart of WeCHOOOSE is a portfolio of carefully curated climate projects from which users can choose to support – ranging from renewable energy to forestry projects with documented CO2-reducing effect. These projects are carefully selected by an international carbon advisory team, verified by third-party auditors (e.g. DNV GL) and certified by recognized certification standards (e.g. United Nations). All projects are aligned with at least 3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and subject to ongoing and regular monitoring, reporting and auditing. This is to make sure that the projects are in compliance with the most comprehensive international standards and operational best practices.

We are international corporations - can we use the same WeCHOOOSE account across countries?

Yes, of course! We need you to assign an account owner for the entire corporation and to give us your main office address during setup. After that, you are able to invite new users and assign roles. You can also set up your own bespoke metadata to your offsetting orders so you can keep track of which department in which country that is placing the order. This gives you the granularity you need to split costs internally.

How many employees can have access to WeCHOOOSE?

You can invite as many as you like. You get 5 included seats to start you off. If you want to invite more than that, you must offset their personal carbon footprint in order for more seats to become available. We do this to encourage offsetting your employees as they are one of the biggest contributors to your company’s operational carbon footprint. Each user will be granted access to your account where they can view and interact with their personal - and your company’s impact.

How do I stop my membership?

You can cancel your account any time - there is no binding period.

Can I delete my profile?

Of course you can! All you have to do is go to your personal settings and select delete profile at the bottom of the screen. No questions asked.

What does being an account owner mean?

If you are the account Admin, it means you are the main contact person for your company and the one that must accept the CHOOOSE terms and conditions on your company’s behalf. You are also the only one that can delete the company account. If you want to delete your profile, but leave the company account live, you can do so, but first you must select someone else to be the account Admin.

How does employee benefit work?

Using CHOOOSE as an employee benefit means you as a company choose to offset the carbon footprints of its employees - making it a climate positive workforce. We like to call it a 21’st century company perk.

Can I invite colleagues and employees to WeCHOOOSE?

Yes. It's easy to invite your employees to WeCHOOOSE. It’s a great way to educate and let the whole company in on your climate efforts.

How many logins do we get when we set up a company in WeCHOOOSE?

You get 5 to get you started. To get more seats you must offset the personal carbon footprint of each new user.

Can I decide who has access to offset for our company?

Yes. It’s easy to set role management and decide what a specific user should have access to.

Which roles are available to assign to users?

We have three types of user-roles; Admin, Manager and User. The main difference between them is that Users may view company and personal impact, projects, FAQ and manage their personal profile. Managers can do everything that a user can in addition to offset, while Admins can do everything that users and managers can in addition to manage company settings.

How do I inviting users to the portal?

In order to invite your employees, you must have available seats. You get 5 seats to get you started. To get more seats you must offset the personal carbon footprint of each new user. For each employee you offset, one seat becomes available.

Can I offset my corporate car fleet?

Yes! You can add selected cars or even upload your entire fleet as an excel sheet and calculates your whole fleet of cars in one go.

Can I choose the projects my company supports?

Yes. WeCHOOOSE features a variety of impactful project portfolios from which users can choose impact that matches their corporate values and stakeholder preferences. Allowing users to select impact portfolios based on cause or SDGs that align with their values and strategies is a key element, as many climate-conscious corporations today use the Sustainable Development Goals as a compass when creating their CSR strategies. In this way, WeCHOOOSE is designed to help companies to reach and report on their corporate sustainability goals

How can I understand which SDGs my portfolio supports?

All your projects in your portfolio support several SDGs. On your project overview you can see which SDGs your projects are impacting. There is also a separate section where you can view and learn more about how exactly that project is impacting the SDG.

How do you set the price of a portfolio?

Each project has its own cost per carbon credit (equals one tonne of CO2). All portfolios consist of two or more projects and the portfolio price is a blend of the cost per carbon credit from each project in the portfolio plus a small CHOOOSE service fee. The CHOOOSE service fee will be added on either per tonne CO2 that you offset or per flight, car, person, etc. depending on what type of carbon footprint you are offsetting

Why do portfolios have different prices?

Each portfolio is composed of projects at different prices. Each project has its own price, and the blended rate of these projects comprise the portfolio price per tonne.

The project developer set the credits’ price based on:

1) value delivered beyond CO2 reduction, for instance, how many and which sustainable development goals the project contributes to, 2) the operational cost of the project ensuring long term sustainability and 3) the carbon market dynamics driven by supply and demand.

What happens if our payment fails?

If your payment fails, you will receive an email warning you that there is a payment problem. During this time and until the payment problem is fixed, offsetting will be disabled. If the payment ultimately fails, offsetting will no longer be possible until a new payment option is added.

Do I have to add a payment method to access WeCHOOOSE?

No you do not, but without a valid payment option added, you will not be able to offset any carbon emissions.

Can I choose the currency for my company?

Yes! This can be done during the setup of your company. It can only be changed if you update your payment information.

What can I offset in WeCHOOOSE?

With WeCHOOOSE you can offset anything as long as you know how the amount of carbon you want to offset. This is called bulk offset and is normally used to offset historical emissions and bulk offsets from shipping, products and services. It currently offers API driven carbon footprint calculations for events, people, cars, flights and other types of ground transportation.

Can I see an overview of the orders our company has made?

Yes. WeCHOOOSE provides full transparency and overview of your order and billing history.

What is metadata and how does it work?

WeCHOOOSE lets you tag your orders with customisable metadata so you can get a full overview on where in your organisation the offset order is coming from.

How can we make our impact more visible to our customers?

WeCHOOOSE comes with useful tools to communicate your positive impact with employees, customers and stakeholders. One of the most popular tools is the CHOOOSE widget - a CO2 counter connected to your WeCHOOOSE account which showcases your climate impact in real time. The widget can easily be implemented on your company website, or other digital touchpoints.

What if I have questions about how offsetting works?

WeCHOOOSE features a comprehensive FAQ for all your users to learn more about how everything works. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, our customer service is always here to help you.

Our company wants to do more - how can we reduce our own emissions?

CHOOOSE works to give companies and their customers easy access to support the most impactful CO2-reducing projects around the world. Simply, our solutions enable businesses to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions from any activity or business operation. What’s important to know when applying carbon offsetting, is that it’s most effective when part of a holistic process. This includes measuring your carbon footprint, reducing it to the extent possible, and then offsetting the remaining emissions which cannot be eliminated today. To help you out, we’ve put together a checklist of initiatives that can reduce the carbon footprint of your company, and make it easier to identify where you can reduce emissions. The checklist is available through the weCHOOOSE logged-in experience.


About us: CHOOOSE™ is a venture-backed leader in technology-based climate action, building digital tools so that everyone, anywhere, can easily integrate climate action into everyday life and business. Through flexible integrations, customer-friendly interfaces, automated carbon measurement, and a connected marketplace of climate solutions, CHOOOSE delivers a complete platform that enables its partners to build and manage high-impact climate programs. Learn more at