How world leading brands works with CHOOOSE to put sustainability at the core of everyday actions

November 1, 2019


Seamless integrations, tailored solutions, and a lasting positive climate impact. That’s how brands work with CHOOOSE to make climate action easily accessible for their customers.

We wanted to make it easier for brands and people to make climate action a normal part of everyday life – So we did.

We started out making it easy for individuals to address their environmental footprint.

As more and more brands and companies want to support this change, we developed solutions that make it easy for them to help their customers create documented climate impact.

In this post, we’re looking at some of the companies that have partnered with CHOOOSE, and how they made addressing your carbon footprint a walk in the park.

From world-leading travel and mobility companies to high-end fashion, consumer brands work with CHOOOSE to make climate action a natural part of the customer experience.

Outdoor Voices: The CO2-reducing Solar Shorts

Don’t’ skip leg day, and don’t skip climate action. The sports apparel and athleisure brand Outdoor Voices wanted to do more than just help your workout routine. Among a range of sustainability initiatives, they created a line of shorts and dubbed them Solar Short.

For every pair sold, Outdoor Voices offset 1,375 tonnes of CO2 (the average monthly footprint of one American citizen, for a total of 4,125 tonnes of CO2).

We love that Outdoor Voices took a must-have garment and turned it into climate action. Everyone needs gym shorts, so why not make sure that your pair contributes to a cleaner world?


Matcha – Hustle for the climate


The company Matchabar sells matcha powder and vegan energy drinks.

As part of the expansion of their energy drink Hustle, Matchabar decided to hustle up for the planet by making sure to account for the climate impact of each can.

In collaboration with CHOOOSE, MatchaBar launched one of the world's first carbon balanced products, offsetting 12,8 lbs of carbon pollution. This is done by supporting a CO2-reducing project in Virginia that captures and destroys methane, making sure it's not emitted into the atmosphere.

The climate effect of each can sold equals approximately 35 fewer plastic bottles of water (500ml and PET plastic) or 14.4 miles driven by an average car (

Hustle energy drink made quite the splash when both Artist of the Year Billie Eilish and Grammy-winning DJ, songwriter, and producer Diplo promoted the energy booster:

"I am always supporting a plant-based lifestyle, and MatchaBar's commitment to offset the carbon footprint of every can is important to me," Eilish says. "My upcoming tour focuses on this, too. Every little decision helps our planet!"

Aw shucks, you're making us blush, Billie.


Norwegian Air Shuttle – World's first 1-click climate solution

Norwegian Air became the first airline to sign the Climate Neutral Now pledge, committing to becoming climate neutral by 2050.

Allowing passengers to take swift climate action helps drive more effort and more ambition at all levels of society, including in business.

CHOOOSE delivered a tech solution where climate action became a seamless integration in the existing booking process. A first of its kind globally, and pushing boundaries for the aviation industry.


Piknik i Parken – Climate action as an integrated part of festivals

In partnership with the Norwegian music festival Piknik i Parken and Ticketmaster, CHOOOSE gave festival attendees the option to address their personal footprint while attending the concerts, making it easy for music lovers to engage in climate action.

One of the most important steps in climate action is ease and accessibility. Therefore, CHOOOSE and Ticketmaster made sure that the option of offsetting attendees' climate footprint was a natural part of the ticket purchasing process.

No external sites, no lengthy sign up. Just a 1-click option to add environmental awesomeness to your festival vibes. No hassle.

Making it easy to do the right thing paid off. In the first month alone, 46% of the bookings opted to reduce their personal footprint (at the cost of approx. 2 pounds per ticket).


Santander Consumer Bank – Easy offsetting for your car

Choosing a double-whammy, Santander Consumer Bank chose to account for their workforce's carbon footprint AND offer customers the option to offset the carbon footprint of their car.

Santander helps people finance car purchases, among other things, and wanted to make it easy for their clients to make climate positive choices. So, in collaboration with CHOOOSE, they build a carbon footprint calculator specifically for cars to make it easy to calculate and account for a vehicle's environmental footprint.

While the service is primarily for customers using Santander to finance their new car, everyone can use it. We think this is a fantastic way of making climate action available to everyone!

Volt – World's first climate positive swan-eco labelled collection

In 2019, CHOOOSE teamed up with VOLT Fashion – one of the Nordics’ largest fashion retailers – to launch the world’s first climate-positive clothing line.

Not only did CHOOOSE help Volt create their first 100% sustainable swan-eco labelled collection, each item sold contributed to reducing between 7 and 16 tonnes of CO2.

This means, 1 hoodie sold reduces nearly 3 years of an average Spanish citizen’s carbon footprint.

About Vintage – Time for sustainability

The Copenhagen-based watch designer, About Vintage, teamed up with CHOOOSE to compensate their employees' carbon footprint, as well as 125 kilos of CO2 per watch.

Foodpanda – Driving sales with climate action

Foodpanda in Singapore knows that every footprint counts. That’s why they launched a monthly climate positive Happy Hour in collaboration with CHOOOSE.

Noticing that certain times and days had a dip in orders, Foodpanda launched a monthly happy hour where all orders were compensated with 100 kg CO2. As a result, the initiative helped to boost slow hours.


Designers Remix ­– Sustainability in style

The Danish fashion brand Designers Remix has chosen to integrate sustainability into their core practices. With an added focus on the life cycle of the fabric and reducing mixed materials in the garments, Designers Remix wanted to go a step further and look at the emissions related to their production.

“We are working with sustainability on many different levels. Since our fabrics have a vast environmental impact in the production of each garment, our main focus is always to choose the most sustainable fabrics available. However, we are aware that any garment produced leaves a CO2 footprint, no matter how sustainably preferred the fabric is. This is a fact we can’t ignore, and therefore we’re happy to announce this new «climate positive» initiative,” says Owner and CEO Niels Eskildsen.

In other words, by making their collections climate positive, Designers Remix is offsetting more CO2 than each item in the upcoming collections on average will leave behind across its production cycle. This way, every piece of clothing from the collection represents a tangible way of fighting climate change.

In addition, the company signed the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Pledge as the first Danish designer brand, through its partnership with CHOOOSE.

Tise basics – Better online shopping


The Norwegian re-use app Tise which has 1,4 million users across the Nordics, and Brazil, wanted to address their shipping. The e-commerce company, which focuses on reusable items and zero-waste options, decided to go the extra mile by also offering the option of carbon-free shipping.

For each ordered shipped, TISE reduces 50 kg CO2 per package providing climate balanced shipping for their users. It’s the perfect addition to purchasing zero-waste items.

GoVegan – Even greener omnoming


Did you know that by choosing products from go' Vegan, not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, you also help reduce global emissions?


When you sink your teeth into a Go'Vegan product, you support a waste management project in Vietnam that reduces methane gas and prevents greenhouse gas emissions. The project is verified by the United Nations and supports four of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals that contribute to creating better living conditions for the local population.

By partnering with CHOOOSE, Go'Vegan neutralizes its minimal and unavoidable carbon footprint by supporting verified climate projects.

So far this year, Go'Vegan has reduced over 400 tonnes Of CO2e, equivalent to more than 2,500 fewer flights from Oslo to London (or about 500,000 fewer bananas – in case you do the banana economy).

Ministry of Supply – A new way of fashion


The US-based high-tech apparel brand Ministry of Supply sets a new environmental standard by cutting carbon emissions throughout its supply chain.

For the carbon emissions remaining, Ministry of Supply has partnered with CHOOOSE to account for the last footprint by investing in a Gold Standard-certified clean energy project in Haijin, China – a region where several of their manufacturing partners operate.

Ministry of Supply has also reduced its historical footprint, meaning they have compensated their emissions to create a better future.

With an MIT background, the founders are focusing on garments with low climate impact and high-quality fit. By measuring their environmental footprint, and focusing on waste reduction, recycling, and innovative materials, Ministry of Supply has built sustainability into the very fabric of their business practices.

To further sustainable methods in the fashion industry, Ministry of Supply certifies and shares their processes with other climate positive brands.

Asia Aker Brygge – Climate bundled meals

A lot of people are hungry for change. This is something our partner, restaurant Asia in Oslo, turned into an opportunity. They have definitely proven that climate action can taste good ­– and that sustainability can be profitable!

With many different climate initiatives, they are the world’s first UN-verified restaurant. For instance, they labelled each and every dish with a CO2-footprint, making it easier for consumers to make low carbon choices.

In collaboration with CHOOOSE, Restaurant Asia created a product bundle, where every dish had its CO2-footprint accounted for. That’s all kinds of tasty.

Thrive Market


This E-commerce store, which focuses on organic goods and produces, wanted to account for their carbon footprint. Therefore, besides addressing the footprint related to their employees and energy use at their fulfilment centres and headquarters, they included carbon-neutral shipping.

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