Case Study: SAP Concur accelerating access to SAF & climate solutions with CHOOOSE Climate App

March 9, 2023

Case Studies

As travel begins to rebound in the wake of the pandemic, measuring, reducing, and managing corporate carbon emissions has become a priority for many companies. Amidst growing pressure from all stakeholders, having the right systems in place to document and report on ESG performance is now essential in today’s business landscape. Since July 2020, about 90% of the companies in the S&P 500 have already created annual ESG reports and made them standard practice.

Companies are increasingly looking to take a leadership position on climate and social issues to strengthen their credibility and build trust with their stakeholders. It is no wonder 37% of businesses had carbon compensation as a primary objective for their sustainability agenda in 2022.

The CHOOOSE Climate App provides a game-changing solution, allowing SAP Concur customers to easily track travel-related carbon emissions and address them in line with company-specific sustainability goals. The app makes transparency simple by automating carbon emissions measurement and reporting. It enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint and address their unavoidable emissions through certified high-impact climate solutions.

"You can’t manage what you don’t measure."

Peter Maier, President of Industries and Customer Advisory, SAP SE, said: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Now, SAP Concur customers who are on their journey to become net-zero can measure and manage their travel-related carbon emissions with the innovative CHOOOSE Climate App”.

A single, centralized location for managing travel emissions

The CHOOOSE Climate App for SAP Concur is a carbon emissions management solution that helps individuals and businesses measure, reduce, and manage their travel emissions. Companies can access high-precision emission calculations automatically generated from their SAP® Concur® solutions travel data. They can then access and select from vetted carbon solutions in the same centralized system in which they already manage travel and associated expenses.

The app enables businesses to track, manage, and report on the performance of their corporate carbon program through the live emissions dashboard. In real-time, they can understand and analyze their emissions associated with flights, hotel stays, and ground transport booked with Concur Travel. Customers can access shareable material and certificates for communication purposes and ESG impact reporting.

After assessing your carbon emissions, you can search and select from carbon reduction, removal, and offset solutions to reduce your footprint or address unavoidable emissions. The CHOOOSE Climate App offers customers access to a marketplace of quality, vetted carbon management solutions, which can be filtered by interest or need, to align with each company’s sustainability goals.

Users choose from a portfolio of options ranging from nature-based solutions to community-based projects and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Through the app, you can learn more about available climate solutions, project specifics, current pricing, and the SDGs they impact.

Learn more about how to get started today.

Andreas Slettvoll, CEO of CHOOOSE, said: “The Climate App’s integration with Concur® Travel and Concur® TripLink can significantly contribute to accelerating access to climate solutions working to reduce global travel emissions. The integration enables companies worldwide to measure, reduce, and manage their travel-related CO2 emissions, bringing us one step closer to the net-zero society we are all working to achieve.”

"The integration enables companies worldwide to measure, reduce, and manage their travel-related CO2 emissions, bringing us one step closer to the net-zero society we are all working to achieve.”

Companies that manage their business travel with SAP Concur can seamlessly integrate the Climate App and start managing their business footprints today. Try the CHOOOSE Climate App for SAP Concur today.


About CHOOOSE: CHOOOSE™ provides the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform empowering businesses to integrate climate action into customer experiences. Enterprise partners in sectors like aviation, travel and logistics deploy CHOOOSE to build, manage and report on customer-centric climate programs that embed climate action wherever they interact with their consumer or corporate customers. CHOOOSE is a trusted partner powering integrated carbon programs to industry-leading companies worldwide, including Air Canada, Heathrow Airport, Japan Airlines, Lonely Planet, Norwegian Air, Southwest Airlines, LATAM, and others. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CHOOOSE has enterprise partners and employees around the world. Learn more at