Copolo joins the US market as a new online travel agency offering a more sustainable approach to travel

July 2, 2021


Copolo, part of the H.I.S. Group, incorporates a seamless climate solution as an integrated part of its platform, enabling passengers to offset carbon emissions from any type of journey as part of Copolo's customer journey.

Copolo enters the US travel market with a model that allows travellers to add climate action as an ancillary when they book their trip. To fulfil the climate initiative, Copolo has partnered with CHOOOSE. With simple steps, customers can ensure that the carbon emissions from flights, accommodations, cars, and cruises are counted for and reduced as part of an integrated booking process.

“We are thrilled to help travellers access the best travel options worldwide,” says Hideo Hatano, Executive Officer / H.I.S. Co., Ltd. “We will continue investing in the most sophisticated systems to maintain our pursuit of excellence and building a better tomorrow. By partnering with CHOOOSE™, we can make a meaningful difference while allowing travellers the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions produced from their journey.”

The carbon offset contribution directly supports CO2-reducing climate projects verified by the most comprehensive and stringent international standard. Travellers will get access to support verified renewable energy projects, contributing to multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals, improving ecological values and social benefits for those hardest hit by climate change.

"We are delighted to team up with Copolo to build travel back better together by enabling global travellers to offset their carbon footprint as an integrated part of the customer journey. Furthermore, developing innovative climate solutions in partnership with Copolo will help scale climate action globally, and their commitment will be a solid contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals", says CEO and founder Andreas Slettvoll.

All travellers who offset their journey will receive a certificate recognizing that their travel footprint has been climate compensated. Copolo will also provide a post-purchase experience to enable its customers to claim, track, and engage with the positive impact they create, providing complete transparency.

About Copolo

Copolo is changing the way people travel by making carbon offsetting available for all of its travellers. As a new online travel provider in the US market, they aim to create more opportunities for people to make a difference with their purchases. A division of H.I.S. Co., Ltd., Copolo is part of one of the most established and innovative travel companies worldwide. H.I.S. Group is based in Tokyo, Japan and has 333 branches in 62 countries across the globe. They have been active in the US for over 30 years, with offices in New York, Texas, Michigan, Nevada, California and Hawaii. H.I.S. Group/Copolo become the first Japanese travel company to incorporate a seamless climate solution as an integrated part of its platform.

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