Tune in for the world’s first climate positive digital music festival!

January 19, 2021


The new festival ‘Somewhere Else’ lets you experience the best of live music - straight from your living room. Bedroom pop is coming to your…bedroom!

The new Norwegian festival Et Annet Sted (Somewhere Else) is creating a digital escape with some of the most prominent Norwegian artists.

The festival will consist of 10 unique concerts at 10 unique places around in Norway, with an A-list lineup including names like Aurora, Sigrid, girl in red, Isah, Nils Bech, Frida Ånnevik, Safario and Fieh during Easter.

Most of us are stuck at home, and Easter break isn’t turning out the way most of us expected. And when you can’t go somewhere, Somewhere Else is coming to you.

Somewhere Else is not just a streaming festival with some og Norway’s most exciting artists. It is an escape from reality that may be a little extra needed during these quarantine days. It’s a surplus project from a unified cultural hub across the music and film industry, also with the purpose of giving back to the artists, their teams and the right organizations.

The world’s first digital festival combining climate action with culture

In addition, Somewhere Else is using its platform to raise awareness for climate action and is now creating the world’s first ‘climate positive’ digital festival verified by the United Nations. Before kicking of the live show, Somewhere Else have teamed up with CHOOOSE, to measure their overall footprint, implementing a green checklist to reduce emissions and finally overcompensate the unavoidable CO2-emissions related to the digital festival through UN-verified carbon credits.

“In these difficult times when social interaction has been severely limited and many people are experiencing anxiety, it is inspiring to see artists and their teams, companies and governments making efforts to provide entertainment and maintain social cohesion through events such as Vi Er Live. And it is even more inspiring that they are doing this without losing sight of the need to continue to address climate change. We are thankful to CHOOOSE and the Vi Er Live organizers for supporting these causes and wish everyone a very enjoyable event", says Niclas Svenningsen, Manager, Global Climate Action, UN Climate Change.

Somewhere Else will compensate for the actual streaming, all crew, the artists and the spectators, reducing more CO2 than they leave behind while watching the festival.

This is done by funding closely selected CO2-reducing Gold Standard projects verified by the United Nations, replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy and creating better opportunities for the local population by supporting more than 3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The unavoidable emissions are reduced with more than the initial footprint, making the festival not only climate neutral but ‘climate positive’. Somewhere Else is now verified by the United Nations as an official signatory of UN’s Climate Neutral Now program, an initiative by the UNFCCC that encourages individuals and organizations to help implement the Paris Agreement by striving to become GHG emission neutral.

«Climate action must permeate everything we do, and partnering with CHOOOSE feels amazing. It’s like having a personal assistant and guru helping you make the right choices. This resulted in us being the world's first climate positive online festival – thank you for making this possible!» says climate director Haakon Mathisen at Vi er Live, the organizers of Somewhere Else.
«It's fantastic that Somewhere Else teams up with CHOOOSE for their festival, and even better knowing that the contribution supports sustainable development and carbon reduction in developing countries. That Somewhere Else acknowledge the environmental footprint of streaming and overcompensate the total footprint is a great way to achieve meaningful change. This is also a great example of how combining culture and climate really can make a difference», says Andreas Slettvoll, CEO and founder of CHOOOSE.

The festival will kick off between 8-13 April, and include some of these highlights:


Aurora hardly needs an introduction these days. Most likely she is the biggest artist from Norway at the moment, and with good reason. Aurora has become a superstar in a few years, and the list of awards and prestigious performances she has been a part of. The 23-year old comes from Os in western Norway but has toured worldwide for the past five years. Not long ago she performed at the Oscars with the song “Into the unknown” from the movie “Frozen 2”.


From the tiny town of Ålesund in Norway, but with a colossal mind, attitude and voice, we have all witnessed a remarkable talent in Sigrid. The pop star was catapulted into the public consciousness with the zeitgeist defining ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’, top 10 single ‘Strangers’, and the exceptional smash ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’, which paved the way for her top 5 critically acclaimed debut album Sucker Punch.

girl in red:

Girl in red is the project of Marie Ulven, 20, hailing from Horten, Norway. From beginning in her bedroom teaching herself to play the guitar and piano and to produce her own music, in little more than a year the project has grown exponentially through her social media channels. In addition, she is known for her explosive live performances. Marie is the world’s first female artist verified by the United Nations, and her latest tour was climate positive in collaboration with CHOOOSE.

Check the full lineup and get your tickets for the festival here, and you can also follow live updates via the festival’s Instagram account!