UK’s largest coach operator National Express now offering carbon offsetting as part of the booking process

November 2, 2021


The UK’s largest coach operator National Express is now offering carbon offsetting as a simple and integrated part of the booking process for its coach customers.

"We are proud to make one of the most sustainable ways to travel even better, by enabling our passengers to take impactful climate action every time they choose us. Travelling with National Express coach is already one of the greenest transport choices. As we work to make our coach fleet zero-emission by 2035, our UK passengers can now choose to offset the currently unavoidable carbon emissions from their journey via some of the best climate solutions around the world", says Chris Hardy, Managing Director, National Express UK Coach.

To offset their travel footprint, passengers can simply include climate action at checkout or visit a dedicated website when ordering a ticket. The offset programme is sourced and handled by the Norwegian climate and technology company CHOOOSE – and will directly support projects that replace coal and oil with renewable energy to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

"We are delighted to partner with National Express on their journey towards zero-emission. Their comprehensive sustainability goals combined with already having the greenest coach fleet in the UK are solid proof of their environmental commitment and dedication to putting climate in the front seat of their operations'', says Andreas Slettvoll, CEO of CHOOOSE.

Travelling by coach has a low carbon footprint compared to other travel options like private car or plane. A full coach equates to taking 50 cars off the road and removing over one mile of traffic congestion but it is not emission-free. With 21 million people travelling with National Express every year, the ambition of the partnership is to compensate for as many journeys as possible by enabling emissions to be offset in a simple yet meaningful way.

Mr. Hardy added "We’re always looking for ways to make a great travel choice even better and we are leading the way in working towards making every coach ride emission-free. In the meantime, I hope these climate compensation options will be welcomed and used by our millions of passengers.”

The projects powering the National Express climate program are currently a clean cooking with biogas project in India, a landfill gas to renewable energy project in Ecuador, and a wind power project in Costa Rica. In addition to reducing global greenhouse emissions, the projects made available to National Express travelers contribute to multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals, which also create social benefits and improved living conditions for those hardest hit by climate change.

View the solution and learn more about National Express new climate offerings here.

About National Express

National Express is the UK’s largest coach operator with a UK-wide network of scheduled services to hundreds of locations, including all major UK airports. Over 21m passengers traveled with National Express in 2019.

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