Case Study: How CHOOOSE helps give Skyscanner customers a "greener choice"

October 12, 2020

Case Studies
Two people walking, Skyscanner and CHOOOSE logos

Skyscanner began in 2003 with a goal to make flight searches easier and more simple. Fast forward almost 20 years later: Skyscanner has grown to be one of the world’s most trusted travel search sites, with 100 million customers relying on their services every month for flights, hotels, and car hires.

As a global brand working at the forefront of travel and innovation, Skyscanner has understood the need for significant change in the travel industry and has partnered with CHOOOSE to get one step closer to fulfilling their mission—while involving their customers in the process.

Skyscanner and CHOOOSE work together to provide two features which allow travellers to make the best choices: the “greener choice” label and carbon offsetting in the Direct Booking system.

Giving travellers a more responsible choice

As an online travel agency, Skyscanner works to provide the best possible travel options for customers worldwide. That requires giving customers the full picture.

CHOOOSE technology, directly integrated into Skyscanner’s search functions, automatically and precisely calculates the carbon emissions of flights in a search. The Skyscanner “Greener Choice” label highlights the flights that emit less CO2 for that route, giving customers the information they need to make more informed decisions prior to travel. More than 10 million passengers have already chosen greener choice flights during the past year.

A mobile-first approach to carbon reduction and offsetting

Skyscanner’s users primarily access travel options and booking trips via smartphones: 60% of users interact via mobile devices, and their app has over 90m downloads.

As with any new feature, it was vital for Skyscanner to offer a stress-free, mobile-first experience for their customers. With CHOOOSE’s seamless APIs, Skyscanner was able to integrate carbon offsetting into their Direct Booking platform.

What’s happening behind the scenes? CHOOOSE’s technology automatically calculates the carbon emissions of a specific travel route or accommodation that a user has searched for, and our APIs provide customers the option to instantly compensate for that carbon within the booking flow. If customers choose this step, a small donation is added to the final payment on Skyscanner.

Travellers' contributions help to balance out their carbon emissions from their flight by making a small donation to vetted high impact climate solutions worldwide. CHOOOSE ensures the money goes directly to climate-protecting initiatives around the world.

Through this partnership, Skyscanner allows customers to make the best decisions for their travel while supporting some of the most impactful climate solutions worldwide.

Are you ready to see how seamlessly CHOOOSE can fit into your customer booking flows? Join Skyscanner and other leading online travel agencies worldwide in offering the highest quality carbon offset options to your customers. Learn more about CHOOOSE Connect.