Azul offers mobile app solution to offset CO2 from flights and support Amazon projects

March 9, 2023


Azul Linhas Aéreas, the airline with the largest number of flights and cities served in Brazil, has partnered with climate tech company CHOOOSE to develop a program that allows passengers to understand and offset the carbon emissions of purchased flights during the booking flow process within the airline’s mobile app. Going beyond the airline’s current mission of reaching remote locations and connecting communities in the region to national and international destinations, Azul now aims to strengthen its commitment to the biodiversity of the Amazon region.

By offering carbon calculation and offsets for all flights, the company wants to give customers the chance to not only fly to all parts of the country, but to understand the CO2 impact of their flights and support the protection and development of the Amazon, one of the most important regions on the planet when it comes to biodiversity and mitigating climate change.

When buying any ticket with Azul through the company's mobile app, customers can choose to pay an additional fee that has a double function. Firstly, it offsets the CO2 emissions resulting from the seat during the flight, and secondly it directs funds to climate projects in the Amazon.

The CO2 calculations are based on the flight distance, route, type of aircraft, number of passengers, seat class, and other variables present in each flight. The calculations are done using technology from CHOOOSE, who specializes in CO2 offset solutions and is a world leader in this type of solution for the aviation sector.

CHOOOSE helps partners like Azul select quality climate solutions with the most impact by performing extensive research and diligence over its carbon offset projects, assessing factors like additionality, permanence and risk. Ultimately, less than 5% of projects satisfy CHOOOSE’s criteria. This process helps ensure that partners and customers are supporting healthy growth of the carbon markets.

Offsetting emissions is voluntary, and through this solution, Azul offers a practical, safe, and educational option for customers concerned about the impact of their carbon footprint during their air travel, Filipe Alvarez de Oliveira, Sustainability Manager at Azul, explained. "This is because, in the Azul app itself, when buying tickets, customers who offset their emissions find out how much CO2 their contribution will help to offset, and can also learn about the projects supported by the company that will benefit from this compensation,” he said.

"We have conducted extensive research and decided to rely on the expertise of a recognized partner and reference in the market to ensure that Azul customers can make this compensation with the guarantee of carbon credits that are verified by the international standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VSC)," adds Henrique Barone Mathias, Azul's Product Manager.

"Together, we are making climate action more accessible for people worldwide."

“We see a growing trend of individuals and companies worldwide seeking ways to understand and reduce the CO2 emissions associated with their travel. In response, CHOOOSE is proud to support Azul in delivering a climate program that enables customers to easily understand and address their carbon footprint—all within the mobile app booking flow—while contributing to high-impact climate solutions like forest conservation and biodiversity preservation. Together, we are making climate action more accessible for people worldwide,” said Andreas Slettvoll, CEO at CHOOOSE.

This in-app solution with carbon offsetting and climate project support is just one several by the company actions to mitigate the effects of climate change. This, among other initiatives that Azul intends to disclose throughout the year, are part of a larger strategic plan and represent the airline’s commitment to the ESG principles of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and governance.

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