AURORA teams up with CHOOOSE to combine climate action with music

November 25, 2020


The ‘Frozen 2’-soundtrack star and emerging global talent Aurora Aksnes, better known as AURORA, just announced a partnership with climate company CHOOOSE, to keep the planet cool.

The 23-year-old singer, producer, and songwriter, who was raised among the fjords and mountains of Bergen in Norway, is now raising the bar to protect our common playground by becoming one of the world’s first artists verified by the United Nations and CHOOOSE.

"I think as humans, we need to find a balance in everything we do. Give back, as much as we consume. As an artist, I have to travel a lot. And while I think that is better than all my fans traveling to me, It still makes me worry. Because the environment is such a heart-matter to me. And therefore I wanted to work with CHOOOSE. So the balance is there. And hopefully making choices like these might inspire people to care as well", said AURORA.

One of the world's first artists verified by the United Nations & CHOOOSE

AURORA and the band have also implemented initiatives to reduce the band's emissions: striving to use accommodation with good sustainability ratings, reducing the use of air travel when possible, eating vegetarian, and using vintage or second-hand clothing are among some of examples.

Finally, AURORA and the band are compensating more CO2 than the remaining, unavoidable emissions they leave behind for the next upcoming year through CHOOOSE, including personal footprint, digital gigs, and potential touring.

AURORA handpicked a project to support from a CHOOOSE-vetted portfolio of high-impact climate projects that support carbon-reducing, removing, or compensating activities as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) around the world.

AURORA making moves

Aurora, who also produces her own music, released her second studio album, A Different Kind of Human (Step 2) last year, and just launched her new song Exist for love. The song was presented as her first love song ever with a self-directed music video and received global attention when Doja Cat, the #1 artist on Billboard, listened to the song live while crying on Instagram earlier this month.

The song was made during the lockdown in collaboration with Isobel Waller-Bridge who composed the string arrangements. It was the first glimpse into what she described as "a new era" in her career, with the upcoming release of a new album.

Some of AURORA’s upcoming touring had been forced to cancel due to lockdown, but the artist is still finding a way to raise environmental awareness for climate action.

“AURORA is an amazing artist we’ve been following for a long time, and we are extremely proud that AURORA teams up with CHOOOSE to reshape the environmental landscape by combining culture and climate action. Her dedication to protecting the planet and human rights is something that fits our vision perfectly”, said Celine Marie Moe, Head of Brand and Creative Partnerships at CHOOOSE.

AURORA was also performing live at ‘Somewhere Else’, the world’s first climate-positive digital festival verified by the United Nations in collaboration with CHOOOSE earlier this year. Check out the recap here!

For upcoming climate-positive events and digital concerts with AURORA, go check out her Instagram or website. In the meantime, dive into AURORA’s audio world here.



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