All Things Live partners with CHOOOSE to make climate action part of live entertainment

July 12, 2022


All Things Live, the leading independent live entertainment company in the Nordics, is making climate action available for all concert attendees in partnership with Ticketmaster and CHOOOSE.

All Things Live has joined forces with CHOOOSE and Ticketmaster, implementing a seamless option for spectators to address their carbon footprint while attending their event, making it easy for music lovers to engage in climate action.

"We are super excited to have teamed up with CHOOOSE and started to take an active part in working towards a happier and healthier planet. As well as compensating the yearly emission for all employees at All Things Live, we sincerely hope that concerts goers will do the same when purchasing a ticket. It is such a simple and low-cost way to contribute towards these great objectives", says Pia Leinslie, Head of Marketing & PR at All Things Live Norway.

One of the most important steps to take climate action is ease and accessibility. Therefore, All Things Live and Ticketmaster have made sure that the option of offsetting attendees' climate footprint is a natural part of the ticket booking process using CHOOOSE Connect. No external sites, no lengthy sign-up. Just a 1-click option to add environmental protection to your festival vibes.

When ordering the ticket, you can voluntarily choose to address your carbon footprint by funding vetted climate projects around the world. Your offset contribution goes directly to supporting climate projects that are verified by the most comprehensive and stringent international standards. The contribution will help mitigate climate change and support multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“We’re proud to partner with All Things Live to make climate action available for music lovers and make what they love the most - even better. Scaling climate solutions is one critical step to meet the Paris Agreement Goals, and ATL leads the way within the music industry through this initiative”, says Andreas Slettvoll, CEO at CHOOOSE.

The partnership is now live with artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Sam Smith, Celine Dion and Tallest Man on Earth and is accessible via multiple venues in Norway, including Oslo Spektrum, Telenor Arena, Rockefeller, Vulkan, Parkteateret among others.

When ordering a ticket, you can choose to support certified climate projects, converting each concert experience into an SDG contribution.

The first partnership pilot kicked off in 2020 with the Norwegian music festival Piknik i Parken and Ticketmaster, where Robyn is headlining. The event is postponed until 2022, but festival attendees can now voluntarily address their footprint when booking tickets to the festival, making it easy for music lovers to engage in climate action.

In addition, All Things Live uses the climate portal WeCHOOOSE to compensate the yearly emission for all employees as a team perk. They also use the platform to manage and minimize the carbon footprint of their events through carbon calculations and reduction checklists while compensating for the remaining unavoidable emissions.

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