How airports can lead the way toward a more sustainable aviation industry

February 28, 2023


CO2 emissions from commercial aircraft are on course to triple by 2050. As such, the aviation sector has a crucial role to play in reducing the carbon footprint of air travel by implementing sustainable practices and encouraging passengers to make better choices—and thus halting global average temperature rises.

By partnering with climate tech companies, airports, airlines, and travelers can reduce and address the carbon footprint of air travel and help accelerate new climate solutions like Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), a crucial step in creating a more sustainable future for the travel industry.

Leading global airports such as Heathrow, Rotterdam The Hague, Rome Fiumicino, and Bologna Guglielmo Marconi have all collaborated with companies like CHOOOSE to reduce aviation CO2 emissions and provide passengers with the opportunity and incentives to address their carbon footprint.

Via the CHOOOSE-powered carbon app embedded onto your website or hosted on a fully-customized special landing page, travelers can find the carbon emissions associated with their ground transportation, flights, and accommodation.

Here’s how airports can launch a carbon program and empower passengers to address the carbon footprint of their travels:


Education is key in promoting sustainability, and airports can use various communication channels to inform passengers about the importance of carbon offsetting and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Digital displays, posters, and announcements are some effective ways to raise awareness about this program.

Within the climate software solution that CHOOOSE offers, customers are empowered to understand the climate impact of their travel with high-precision calculations, and then gives them the opportunity to address their CO2 impact.


Encouraging passengers to address their carbon emissions is essential, and incentives can play a significant role in this effort. Airports can offer discounts in the airport, perks such as fast-track through security, or other incentives that encourage passengers to skip checked-in luggage, bring their own reusable water bottles, or take public transportation to and from the airport.


To make the process of carbon compensation accessible and simple, airports can display informational kiosks or banners that provide passengers with details on the different offset programs available and how they can offset their carbon footprint, and increase opt-in rates by including QR codes.

Social media is a powerful tool in promoting your climate program, and airports can use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to reach a larger audience and promote their carbon offset program.


Airports can collaborate with businesses within the airports and provide them with information on the benefits of carbon offsetting, including encouraging businesses to address their footprints as well as offer incentives to customers. This can encourage them to promote the program to their customers and contribute to the larger goal of sustainability.

Airports can also work with airlines to promote the climate program to their passengers and provide information on how to offset emissions from air travel. By collaborating with airlines, airports can make it easier for passengers to address their carbon footprint.

Launching a carbon program with CHOOOSE allows airports to benefit from a customizable platform that streamlines carbon compensation opportunities for travelers, airport staff, and stakeholders. Our platform allows for robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing airports to track the progress and impact toward their sustainability goals, and access comprehensive reporting features.

By making the process of offsetting carbon emissions and SAF simple and accessible, airports can encourage more passengers to address their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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About CHOOOSE: CHOOOSE™ provides the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform empowering businesses to integrate climate action into customer experiences. Enterprise partners in sectors like aviation, travel and logistics deploy CHOOOSE to build, manage and report on customer-centric climate programs that embed climate action wherever they interact with their consumer or corporate customers. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CHOOOSE has enterprise partners and employees around the world. Learn more at