Ministry of Supply redesigns the fashion supply chain to reduce carbon footprint

January 10, 2018


US high-tech apparel brand Ministry of Supply sets a new environmental standard by cutting down on carbon emissions throughout their supply chain -- and partnering with CHOOOSE to invest in a solar project in China.

Founded out of MIT, Ministry of Supply applies science to fashion to make you feel as good as you look. The company has grown rapidly using high-tech materials that improve the comfort and performance of work clothing without compromising on style.

We started Ministry of Supply to solve the wardrobe problems everyday consumers faced in their dress clothes, says Gihan Amarasiriwardena, co-founder and president of Ministry of Supply. We knew there had to be a better way - so we hacked it ourselves, engineering high-performing clothing for the modern professional.

Its slogan “Scientifically Better” encompasses much more than style and comfort - Ministry of Supply is a leader in building a responsible clothing cycle. Through using innovative recycled materials, avoiding overproduction with techniques like on-demand 3D-knitting, and maintaining a thorough understanding of its supply chain, the brand minimizes its environmental impact. Now it’s pushing the boundaries even further, by introducing its new Zeroº commitment.

The apparel industry is one of the world’s biggest contributors to carbon pollution. Leveraging our backgrounds in science and tech, we want to change that. Ministry of Supply Zeroº is our commitment towards a more sustainable future, says Aman Advani, co-founder and CEO of Ministry of Supply.

According to the United Nations, over 8% of global annual carbon pollution is caused by the apparel and footwear industry, which is more than the aviation and shipping industries combined. To address its own environmental footprint, Ministry of Supply has developed their “4-step method to Zeroº”, cutting down on carbon in every step of their supply chain, from materials, to production, to transportation.

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For the carbon emissions remaining, Ministry of Supply will offset its footprint by investing in a Gold Standard-certified clean energy project. Ministry of Supply has partnered with CHOOOSE to support a certified solar photo-voltaic power project in Haijin, China -- a region where several of their manufacturing partners operate.

Ministry of Supply is a role model for the fashion industry in managing and reducing their emissions to a minimum. They’re an industry player everyone should look to for inspiration, says Andreas Slettvol, CEO at CHOOOSE.

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