Japan Airlines launches new corporate climate program powered by CHOOOSE

June 6, 2022

  • Corporate customers who book business trips with Japan Airlines can now utilise the ‘JAL Carbon Offset’ program to offset the CO2 emissions generated by their business travel.
  • The JAL Carbon program has existed since 2009, allowing individual customers to offset their flight’s CO2 emissions
  • Through a partnership with climate tech company CHOOOSE™, participating businesses can measure their CO2 emissions, offset these emissions by supporting high-impact carbon reducing or mitigating projects in Japan and around the world, and receive certificates for their climate contribution.

As part of their next step in fulfilling their sustainability goals, and in response to increasing customer interest in environmental preservation, JAL Group is launching a new corporate climate program in partnership with climate tech company, CHOOOSE.

Since 2009, JAL Group has offered individual customers the ability to offset the CO2 emissions emitted by their travel through the ‘JAL Carbon Offset’ program (*1). Along with the renewal of this program on February 1, 2022 (*2), JAL Group is now launching an additional opportunity as of July 1, 2022: allowing corporate customers to address their travel emissions and take climate action.

Companies of all sizes participating in the JAL Carbon program (*3) can measure and manage their corporate travel emissions. Corporate customers will receive monthly CO2 emissions reports, and can access a custom portal with a live emissions dashboard. In the CHOOOSE-powered portal, users can offset their business travel emissions by supporting vetted, high-impact carbon reducing or mitigating projects in Japan and around the world. In the portal, companies can access visualised data of their CO2 emissions and detailed offset history, and receive certificates for their positive climate action.


“Addressing climate change requires the participation of everyone; we all need to reduce our carbon footprint and address the residual emissions through climate projects that either reduce, remove, or avoid CO2. We are excited to be part of JAL Group’s expansion of their climate program, and we applaud them for taking the next step on their path toward more sustainable travel,” says CHOOOSE CEO and founder Andreas Slettvoll.

The Japanese airline has ambitious sustainability goals which include achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The JAL Group is committed to protecting the environment in order to pass on the precious Earth to future generations.

Learn more about the JAL corporate climate program here.



(*1) Carbon offsetting is a climate action that enables individuals and organisations to support third-party projects that contribute to avoiding or reducing GHG emissions, or increasing carbon removals, in order to compensate for emissions. This results in a lower contribution to net global emissions. Offsetting claims are only valid under a rigorous set of conditions. Carbon offsetting is most effective when used as part of a process which includes measuring and understanding emissions, reducing emissions in line with science, and offsetting those that cannot be eliminated today.

(*2) Press Release Notification No. 21109 of February 1, 2022 "JAL Carbon Offset, a program to offset CO2 emissions while flying, will be renewed." issued by https://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/202202/006499.html

(*3) Only companies and organisations with an international corporate contract or a JAL ONLINE contract can apply.