-I believe caring for the environment and the generations to come should be at the core for every one of us.

November 18, 2020


Astrid S has teamed up with eco.logic and CHOOOSE to create a new, more conscious merchandise-collection based on good choices.

“ I haven’t made merch since 2017 because I’ve been wanting to find a more environmentally friendly way of making and producing clothes. Which is why I’m SO happy to say that I’ve finally been able to do that, and the first line of by Astrid_S clothes, says Astrid S, who launched her new collection this week in partnership with eco.logic and CHOOOSE.

The GOTS certified hoodie

The garments are made in collaboration with eco.logic AS, whose mission is to provide sustainable, ethical and high quality designs at the same time as creating environmental awareness. Astrid has developed the collection together with the design and production team at eco.logic, choosing some of the best options available for producing clothes with less negative impact on the environment.

Astrid S

“The most valuable impact we have on our planet lies in the choices we make. This collection is made of good choices. I believe caring for the environment and the generations to come should be at the core of every one of us. For my new clothing collection, I have teamed up with eco.logic and CHOOOSE, thinking that if everyone does a little, it suddenly becomes a lot ”, says Astrid S about her new project.

The limited collection consists of hoodies, long sleeves, tote bags, sweatpants, t-shirts and head wear.


Astrid by Astrid S

Most of the items are made using GOTS certified organic cotton. GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, is recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain of organic textiles and requires compliance with social criteria as well. GOTS was developed in order to define globally recognized requirements that ensure the organic status of textiles – from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way to labelling – in order to provide credible assurance to the consumer.

Astrid’s collection is the first artist merchandise recognized through the United Nations initiative Climate Neutral Now. If purchasing one of the garments from the collection, you will support vetted high-impact climate projects.

Check out the climate conscious collection by Astrid S here!