5 must-watch environmental movies on Netflix

June 18, 2020


Want to understand more about the impacts of climate change?

We've put together a list of five must-watch documentaries about climate change for environmentalist-beginners. Some are informal, some are political, some are stunning, some are dark. Either way, they're all available on Netflix for you to absorb more knowledge about our planet and climate change while still eating popcorn.

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Chasing coral

The temperature is increasing and so are the oceans. This documentary tells the story of the bleaching corals around the world, and why they're so important for our ecosystems.

Before the flood

Although most known for his acting, Leonardi DiCaprio is highly engaged in environmental issues. He's the narrator in Before the flood, and we get to follow his journey as a United Nations Messenger of Peace.


A highly debated political documentary about the meat industry and our massive consumption worldwide, and how it affects our climate and land.

A Plastic Ocean

Tag along with journalist Craig Leeson, giving you the insights of plastic pollution and the potential solutions.

Our planet

Just because sometimes we need to be reminded of all the amazing species and processes taking place on the same planet as us.