The platform for integrating climate action into every customer experience

Build and run a climate program that enables your customers to track, understand, and reduce emissions, all within your organization's latest environmental compliance requirements.

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CHOOOSE delivers the integration building blocks and hands-on support for bringing climate action to your corporate or consumer customers.

  • Flexible components

    With easy-to-implement APIs, widgets, or fully hosted applications, integrate emissions calculations and climate solutions into your customer touchpoints.

  • Branded experiences

    Make climate action seamless for your customers with user-friendly interfaces and your company's branding (even with your own language and currency).

  • Climate solutions

    With CHOOOSE’s carbon experts, build and configure a solutions portfolio (carbon removals, verified offsets, and Sustainable Aviation Fuels) that is right for your customers.

Measure and manage

Launch your program in just weeks: go live, invite your customers to participate, and let CHOOOSE do the rest.

  • Carbon calculations

    CHOOOSE maintains the latest emission factors and calculation methodologies, ensuring your calculations are always up to date.

  • Documentation

    CHOOOSE provides the documentation and certifications that your customers need to track their climate action.

  • Platform management

    CHOOOSE manages all of the details: from PCI-compliant climate solution payments to carbon credit availability and pricing.


Leverage pre-configured reports to analyze customer engagement and your program’s climate impact.

  • High-precision footprints

    Access automated emission insights to inform Scope 1 and Scope 3 reporting.

  • Engagement reporting

    Access automated reports providing visibility into customer participation.

  • Climate reporting

    Access automated reports supporting ESG compliance and communications.


Steer your climate program from one centralized platform. Seamlessly adapt your program over time to expand to new customer segments or to incorporate new regulatory or customer requirements.


“As part of our mission to lead the global transformation to modern and more environmentally-responsible travel, we have partnered with CHOOOSE to contribute towards highly effective CO2-mitigating projects around the world.”

Jane Sun

Chief Executive Officer at Group

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