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Build a portfolio of carbon removals, carbon reduction projects, and sustainable aviation fuel – all tailored to your needs and the needs of your customers.

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    Access High-Quality, Vetted Climate Solutions

    CHOOOSE provides one-click access to a diverse range of climate solutions – from sustainable aviation fuel to carbon removals.

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    Configure a Unique Climate Solutions Portfolio

    CHOOOSE partners with you to ensure that your climate solutions portfolio reflects your internal voluntary or compliance specifications.

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    Integrate Your Climate Solutions Portfolio

    CHOOOSE makes your portfolio seamlessly available for your customer-facing climate program or internal needs – and handles all the details along the way.

Promoting leading global carbon standards

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CHOOOSE is trusted by 100+ companies around the world.

“As we scale Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) by quantifying and certifying it with the Puro Standard it is critical to make CDR more accessible, to more people, in more places. The CHOOOSE platform provides immediate access to high-quality carbon removals to support large enterprises in their internal climate work and in engaging their customers in their climate journey.”

Antti Vihavainen


"Skyscanner is focused on raising awareness of the climate impact of flying, and enabling customers to support Gold Standard-certified projects that reduce carbon emissions while benefiting the local communities where they operate."

Margaret Kim

CEO, Gold Standard

“With the evolution of our carbon offset program, we are introducing greater convenience and ease for customers choosing to help mitigate air travel GHG emissions and support a range of trusted global climate projects which align with UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Michael Rousseau

President and CEO, Air Canada

Customize your climate solution portfolio

CHOOOSE evaluates climate solutions through a multi-step diligence process informed by industry standards. Select from a range of vetted solutions to power your climate program.

  • Removal and storage of carbon through restoration, conservation, and improved management of natural resources.

    Solution example

    Blue Carbon, Vida Manglar

    Vida Manglar is a joint initiative conserving the mangrove ecosystems of the Colombian Caribbean.

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    • Sustainable development goals

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Benefit from a real-time overview of your climate portfolio that empowers program management and reporting.

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Let our team of in-house experts and multi-disciplinary board of external specialists help you select, source, and manage your climate solutions.

“The type of climate projects that CHOOOSE is supporting represent the best standard of international emission reductions available today”

Niclas Svenningsen

Director, Global Climate Action, UNFCCC

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