Amadeus: The Big Rethink – The future of travel with Air Canada and CHOOOSE

July 30, 2023


In this episode of the Travel Tech Talk, sustainability experts from CHOOOSE and Air Canada about the most important topics concerning the future of the environment and travel, as well as challenges and areas for optimism.

Key topics of the episode included:

  • The role of nature-based climate projects, carbon removals, and immediate climate action solutions
  • The opportunities and challenges regarding sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)
  • The next big thing to watch in this area


  • Andreas Slettvoll, Founder and CEO, CHOOOSE
  • Brigitte Saint-Pierre, Director Environmental Strategic Initiatives, Air Canada
  • Stéfanie Rondou-Pontbriand, Senior Manager, Climate Change and Aircraft Noise, Air Canada
  • Olivier Girault, Head Sustainability Solutions, Amadeus
  • Lauren Hyde, Corporate Communications Manager, Amadeus

Listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts or on the Amadeus website here.