HK Express partners with CHOOOSE to make climate action more accessible across East Asia

November 27, 2023

HK Express Airways launched a customer carbon offset program powered by CHOOOSE, enabling their customers to understand and address travel-related carbon emissions directly within their booking experience.

HK Express announced a new carbon program to enable customers to understand and address the carbon emissions associated with their flights by presenting carbon estimations during the booking process and offering the option to support high-impact certified climate projects. Customers can now learn about the carbon impact of their travel and offset the carbon emissions associated with their flights when booking directly through the HK Express website.

“We are immensely proud to be the first low-cost carrier in Asia to partner with CHOOOSE, launching our inaugural Customer Carbon Offset Program," stated Jeanette Mao, CEO of HK Express. "This initiative holds great significance for us as it allows us to share our vision for greener travel with our customers, educating them about the carbon emissions associated with their journeys and fostering greater climate awareness. At HK Express, our commitment to a sustainable future is unwavering, and we continue to support this through consistent enhancements in flight operations, waste management, and meaningful community engagement. This program is just one of many steps we are taking in our ongoing effort to promote greener travel and we take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously.”

“CHOOOSE is delighted to partner with HK Express to make climate action more accessible to passengers across East Asia. This partnership does just that, by giving HK Express customers the tools they need to easily understand and offset the emissions associated with their flights. It’s vital that we all play our part as we strive to hit climate targets and advance climate solutions. We are excited for HK Express to be joining us on our mission to close the multi-gigaton gap between climate action and climate intention,” said Andreas Slettvoll, CEO at CHOOOSE.

Using the CHOOOSE API, HK Express’s Customer Carbon Offset Programme automatically estimates the greenhouse gas emissions of a customer’s searched flights while they are in the booking flow. With this greater understanding of the carbon footprint of their journey, customers are equipped to make environmentally conscious decisions and address these emissions by supporting certified carbon projects.

As HK Express celebrates its 10-year anniversary, the airline is committed to supporting the Cathay Group to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Under the airline’s fleet modernization, 14 brand-new Airbus A321neo will progressively join the airline’s fleet through to 2025.

This new aircraft type helps to provide environmental advantages such as reduced fuel consumption of up to 20% per seat, fewer emissions, and increased flight range. In addition to sustainability initiatives like this, the new carbon program is another step towards a more sustainable future.

To launch your own carbon program and empower your customers to take climate action, reach out to us here.


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