British Airways to offer new platform to understand and address climate impact

October 26, 2022

  • Customers can calculate their estimated impact on the environment and choose to purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to address their emissions, or purchase carbon offsets from certified climate projects
  • British Airways’ corporate customers can now access a dedicated climate programme for companies to measure, reduce and manage the carbon emissions associated with business flying
  • New platform enables customers to take climate action before, during or after their journey, and offers more precise emissions calculations and gives customers more control over the amount of SAF versus verified carbon offsets they wish to purchase
  • All SAF comes from the Phillips 66 plant in Humberside, as part of the airline’s multi-year partnership with the SAF producer

LONDON, OCTOBER 26th, 2022: British Airways is launching an upgraded climate software solution for both individual and corporate customers, helping them understand, calculate and address their travel emissions.

The airline has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and has a clear roadmap of short, medium and long-term solutions to get there, including flying more fuel-efficient aircraft, funding verified carbon offset projects to mitigate emissions on UK domestic flights, investing in the development and scale up of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and looking at accelerating the growth of new technologies such as zero emissions hydrogen-powered aircraft and carbon capture technology. In addition to the work the airline is doing to reduce its emissions, British Airways is empowering its customers to make more sustainable travel choices by introducing the new CO₂llaborate programme in partnership with climate tech company CHOOOSE.

The airline is launching two online platforms to allow customers to calculate their carbon emissions and make environmentally conscious decisions to reduce their impact on the environment when they fly. For some time, British Airways’ customers have been able to mitigate their emissions from flying by using the airline’s carbon offsetting tool to purchase high-quality carbon offsets and sustainable aviation fuel. CO₂llaborate is an evolution of this carbon offsetting tool, featuring more precise emissions calculations and a new adjustable slider to give customers more control over the amount of SAF versus verified carbon offsets they wish to purchase.

The SAF available on the CO₂llaborate platform comes from the Phillips 66 plant in Humberside, which uses waste cooking oil as the feedstock, providing lifecycle emissions reductions of over 80% compared to traditional fossil-based jet fuel. The SAF is routinely delivered to British Airways via existing pipeline infrastructure that feeds directly into London Heathrow as part of the airline’s multi-year partnership with Phillips 66.

Private customers of British Airways can access the new tool at

Individual customers can access the platform before, during, or after their flight

Individual customers are able to access the CO₂llaborate platform directly from their seat during their flight using the airline’s free Wi-Fi portal, or at any time before or after their flight by visiting the CO₂llaborate platform, which is accessible on

Customers can calculate the carbon emissions from their flights and choose to purchase SAF or carbon offset their emissions, supporting high-quality carbon mitigation projects including a rainforest protection project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and an energy-efficient cookstove project in Nigeria in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The new adjustable slider feature will allow customers to have more control over where their climate contribution goes, enabling them to choose how much SAF or verified carbon offsets they want to invest in by selecting any percentage of carbon offsets with sustainable aviation fuel.

Corporate customers of British Airways can join the COLLABORATE corporate programme at

Dedicated corporate climate programme

In a first for British Airways’ corporate customers, the CO₂llaborate platform will also offer a dedicated climate programme for companies to measure, reduce and manage the carbon emissions associated with their business flying.

Corporate customers will get access to a dashboard that shows the CO2 emissions generated from their business travel and receive monthly emissions reports. Companies will then be able to select how to address their carbon emissions by selecting specific climate solutions ranging from purchasing SAF to contributing to certified carbon offset projects. The platform enables users to track and report on their climate impact over time and learn about the climate solutions they are supporting.

Carrie Harris, Director of Sustainability at British Airways, said

“We know that many of our customers want to fly with sustainability in mind and while we work on delivering our own short-, medium- and long-term initiatives to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we know many of our customers want to take action today too. This new CO₂llaborate platform further empowers our customers to make sustainable choices when flying with us. We look forward to working with CHOOOSE to evolve the platform as we continue to drive the decarbonisation of our industry."

Andreas Slettvoll, CEO and Founder of CHOOOSE™ said:

“Partnering with British Airways is a true milestone in bringing climate solutions to both leisure and corporate travellers. British Airways has always been a north star to us in innovation in the airline industry and we are proud to support them in their relentless work on their most important journey yet, their journey to net zero.”

The partnership will provide travellers worldwide with insight into their flight-related carbon emissions and support them in making more informed travel decisions. Learn more about British Airways’ climate platform CO₂llaborate for individuals here. For corporate customers, the climate platform is available here.


About us: CHOOOSE™ is a venture-backed leader in technology-based climate action, building digital tools so that everyone, anywhere, can easily integrate climate action into everyday life and business. Through flexible integrations, customer-friendly interfaces, automated carbon measurement, and a connected marketplace of climate solutions, CHOOOSE delivers a complete platform that enables its partners to build and manage high-impact climate programs. Learn more at